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Doomkaiser Dragon
Card# CSOC-EN043

Doomkaiser Dragon's effect isn't just for Zombie World duelists: remember that its effect can swipe copies of Plaguespreader Zombie, too!
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Round 6: Omar Navarro vs. Rickie Ricketts
Jason Grabher-Meyer

Omar Navarro is another player who’s been to lots of Shonen Jump Championships (seven or eight by my count), but has never made Day 2. He’s up against Rickie Ricketts, and the matchup is the reason for this feature match. Not only are both of these competitors undefeated, but each is playing a non-mainstream deck. While Navarro is playing an anti-meta strategy with Fossil Dyna Pachycephalo, King Tiger Wanghu, Spell Canceller, and more, Ricketts is playing Zombies with a Japanese flare.


He opened the match with Zombie Master, Armageddon Knight, Mezuki, Destiny Hero – Malicious, Card of Safe Return, and D.D.R. - Different Dimension Reincarnation. He summoned Armageddon Knight, sent Plaguespreader Zombie to his graveyard with the Knight’s effect, and then activated Card of Safe Return. He sent a card back to the top of his deck, special summoned Plaguespreader, then took the card back from his deck with Card of Safe’s effect. He Synchro summoned Goyo Guardian, discarded Destiny Hero – Malicious for D.D.R. - Different Dimension Reincarnation, and special summoned his Plaguespreader!


He removed Destiny Hero – Malicious to special summon another from his deck, Synchro summoning Stardust Dragon with Plaguespreader. He removed his second Malicious to summon his third, and then brought back Plaguespreader again, cycling a card on and off the top of his deck. That got him another Stardust, and he ended his turn with Zombie Master and Mezuki in hand. It was risky — if Navarro had some way to get to a big Synchro, Ricketts would be in trouble.


But Navarro didn’t. He set a monster, set two cards to his back row, and ended. Just what Ricketts wanted to see. He topdecked Heavy Storm and activated it, apparently going for game. Navarro lost his Solemn Judgment and Bottomless Trap Hole. Goyo Guardian attacked and hit Navarro’s Morphing Jar! Ricketts discarded his Mezuki and Zombie Master, while Navarro lost Kycoo the Ghost Destroyer, Thunder King Rai-Oh, and Spell Canceller. Each Stardust Dragon made a direct attack, and Ricketts had a fresh hand of Burial from a Different Dimension, Book of Life, Raigeki Break, Plaguespreader Zombie, and Card Destruction.


He set Raigeki Break and Burial to end. “Go ahead.” Navarro was up, and he set four cards to his back row. “Go.” Ricketts drew another Armageddon Knight, set everything save Armageddon Knight and Plaguespreader, and activated Card Destruction to get Burial from a Different Dimension and Foolish Burial. Next he activated Book of Life.


He targeted his own Plaguespreader Zombie, special summoning it and removing Navarro’s Kycoo the Ghost Destroyer from his graveyard. He Tuned Plaguespreader to Goyo Guardian, Synchro summoned Thought Ruler Archfiend, and Ricketts sent Thought Ruler to attack. Navarro borrowed it for a moment to read it, and then announced that he’d take the damage. Stardust Dragon attacked into Dimensional Prison, was removed, and Ricketts attacked with the second copy — he lost that one to Dimensional Prison too! Navarro was holding on with 300 life points! Ricketts still had 8000 left.


He removed Mezuki to special summon Zombie Master, then activated Foolish Burial; Navarro chained Dark Bribe and Ricketts got another Plaguespreader off his draw. He discarded it for Zombie Master’s effect, brought Plaguespreader back, and Tuned them to each other to Synchro summon another Goyo Guardian. Burial from a Different Dimension brought Mezuki, Plaguespreader Zombie, and Stardust Dragon back to his graveyard, and he removed Mezuki again to special summon Plaguespreader. That let him Tune with Goyo Guardian for another Stardust — this would be a lot more impressive if those Goyos were Zombie Synchros, but it was over a turn later anyway, as Navarro passed with one set spell or trap to Ricketts’ end phase Raigeki Break.


Rickie Ricketts absolutely dominates Omar Navarro in Game 1, comboing away to summon at least half a dozen Synchro monsters to dominate the duel! Side decking was short and sweet on both sides, and Navarro would start Game 2.


He opened up big, summoning Fossil Dyna Pachycephalo and supporting it with four cards set in his back row! It was all or nothing now. “Go.” Ricketts had Zombie Master, Plaguespreader, Armageddon Knight, Monster Reborn, Foolish Burial, and Raigeki Break. He set Raigeki Break, normal summoned Armageddon Knight, and Navarro chained Shadow-Imprisoning Mirror to negate the Knight’s effect. Knight attacked the Fossil Dyna, and the attack made it through, destroying Pachycephalo. Ricketts ended, Navarro summoned Thunder King Rai-Oh, and he sent it to attack. Ricketts responded with Raigeki Break, Navarro chained Dark Bribe, and Armageddon Knight went down. Next turn all Ricketts could do was set another card to his spell and trap zone.


Thunder King made a direct attack, and Navarro set another spell or trap card. Ricketts set another one, took 1900 more damage from Thunder King, and he was down to 4200 life points. “Go.” In the end phase Ricketts flipped Royal Decree — Navarro had no response!


Ricketts had Card of Safe Return, Monster Reborn, Goblin Zombie, Zombie Master, and Mezuki. He activated Card of Safe Return, summoned Zombie Master, and discarded Mezuki to bring back the Plaguespreader Zombie he’d discarded for Raigeki Break. Navarro had no response, Ricketts brought back his Plaguespreader Zombie, and Navarro responded with Book of Moon; Ricketts still drew another Goblin Zombie with Card of Safe Return, but his Synchro madness was shut down. For the moment.


He flipped his face-down Foolish Burial, sending another Plaguespreader to his graveyard! He activated Monster Reborn to target his Plaguespreader, brought it back, and Tuned it to Zombie Master after drawing another card. He brought out Goyo Guardian and Navarro tributed Thunder King to negate the summon. Ricketts removed Mezuki to bring Zombie Master back to his field, drew, and then discarded Goblin Zombie to return Plaguespreader once again! He was how holding Mirror Force, Goblin Zombie, Ryko, Lightsworn Hunter, and Dark Armed Dragon. Another Synchro summon got him another Goyo Guardian, and this one stayed on the field.


Ricketts cycled a card on and off the top of his deck to bring back Plaguespreader Zombie, special summoned Dark Armed Dragon, and Navarro scooped it up!


“I got smashed,” laughed Navarro, offering the handshake. Ricketts accepted the shake with a smile, and immediately prioritized shout-outs to his mom and dad, and Adam Belohradsky Not to be outdone, Navarro gave thanks to his friend Marco Mazzcollo for building the deck that had brought him so far here today.


Rickie Ricketts moves on, undefeated with a 6-0 record packing Zombies! With just four rounds left, one had to wonder what kind of decks we’d be seeing in Day 2 . . .
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