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Doomkaiser Dragon
Card# CSOC-EN043

Doomkaiser Dragon's effect isn't just for Zombie World duelists: remember that its effect can swipe copies of Plaguespreader Zombie, too!
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Duelist Academy: February Mail -
  This week’s mail bag involves a slew of Gladiator Beast questions, with a special appearance by Royal Oppression.

Duelist Academy: Dandy Dragon -
  Today we examine these new cards so you will be prepared to use them when you have received your copies . . . or when your opponent has.

Duelist Academy: Phantom of Chaos – Part 02 -
  Today we look at more effects that don’t work well with the Phantom of Chaos and discuss how it loses the powers it has copied in the end phase. We will also examine the Phantom’s interactions with Skill Drain, which are a bit quirky.

Duelist Academy: Phantom of Chaos -
  "While many creatures copy the abilities of those around them, the Phantom copies the abilities of the deceased. The forgotten ancestrage offers up its wisdom, and the Phantom partakes". ― Excerpt from the journals of Kozaky

Best of 2008 - Duelist Academy: Imprisoning Mirrors -
  The Light and Shadow-Imprisoning Mirrors continue to show up in decks as a means of combating various light or dark themed decks popular in the metagame. The confusion surrounding how they work is recurring, so if you know any players that are new to these cards, have them read this article.

Best of 2008 - Duelist Academy: Stardust Dragon -
  Stardust Dragon remains a hugely popular card to include in any extra deck, and on the North American broadcasts of Yu-Gi-Oh! 5D’s, Yusei recently got his back from Jack Atlas. If you know any younger viewers that have just gotten a glimpse of Stardust Dragon, send them this way!

Duelist Academy: Thunder King Rai-Oh -
  Out of Jaden’s deck and into yours!

Duelist Academy: The Bladez of Gorz -
  Gorz the Emissary of Darkness was a welcome surprise in November, and as soon as he was legal, he found his way into the main decks and side decks of many players. He certainly deserved the attention.

Duelist Academy: End of 2008 Mailbag—Part 2 -
  We conclude 2008 with another batch of questions from the mail bag.

Duelist Academy: End of 2008 Mailbag — Part 1 -
  We close out 2008 by diving into the mailbag!

Duelist Academy: Crossroads' World Debut Cards -
  Today we discuss a few of our new TCG exclusives that were released in Crossroads of Chaos!

Duelist Academy: Further Event-Specific Chains -
  Today we begin with the event-specific chain resulting from a player drawing a card to begin his or her turn. We follow with a discussion of event-specific chains that occur as a result of what happens when another chain resolves.

Duelist Academy: Damage Step Chains, Part Two -
  Today, we conclude our detailed look at event-specific chains in the damage step.

Duelist Academy: Event-Specific Chains—Damage Step -
  The damage step is riddled with "event-specific chains:" chains used to respond to a specific event. They are divided up amongst several points of the damage step, each with its own purpose.

Duelist Academy: Event-Specific Chains—Attacks -
  The battle step really only has one typical "event-specific" chain: a monster declaring an attack.

Duelist Academy: Event-Specific Chains—Monster Summons Part 2 -
  Last week we determined that activating Dragon Ice’s optional trigger effect prevents Player A from using priority to activate the ignition effect of The Six Samurai - Yaichi.

Duelist Academy: Event-Specific Chains - Summons -
  Understanding how these chains work allows you to pull off odd (but useful) chains you wouldn’t normally consider.

Duelist Academy: Duelist Genesis Japanese Imports -
  Today we look at a few of our bonus cards from The Duelist Genesis: cards that were previously released in Japan as promos, but weren’t included in the Japanese version of this set.

Duelist Academy: Junk Synchron -
  Being able to summon a monster and then get another monster from your graveyard without paying for it is certainly worth attention.

Duelist Academy: Imprisoning Mirrors -
  The Mirrors were made to shut down the effects of Light and Dark monsters that activate on the field or in the graveyard. Recognizing which effects they will negate requires an understanding of where the effects activate.

Duelist Academy: September Mail—Part 2 -
  I’ve decided to look into the reader mail bag for more questions that could use some discussion!

Duelist Academy: Filling in the Gaps -
  Somewhere along the way, players develop knowledge gaps in their understanding of how cards or mechanics work.

Duelist Academy: September Mail Bag -
  A new format and a new round of mail questions! We open with a pair of Light and Darkness Dragon queries.

Duelist Academy: Genesis Mail -
  Today we open the mail bag and look at questions related to The Duelist Genesis and cards from the Yu-Gi-Oh! TCG 5D’s Starter Deck.

Duelist Academy: Synchro Round-Up -
  This week we conclude our look at the new Synchro monsters.

Duelist Academy: Stardust Dragon -
  We will spend the next few weeks talking about the new Synchro monsters and the rulings surrounding their effects. Today we begin with Stardust Dragon.

Duelist Academy: Duelist Genesis Exclusives -
  We’re going to begin this series of The Duelist Genesis articles with the TCG exclusive cards, because I like starting with cards no one has seen before!

Duelist Academy: Trigger Effect Clean-Up -
  Today’s article answers questions received by mail that involve the topics we’ve discussed during the previous weeks.

Duelist Academy: Trigger Effect Details -
  Today we look at a few trigger effect subtleties.

Duelist Academy: Optional Trigger Effects continued -
  The Yu-Gi-Oh! TCG has quite a few cards with optional trigger effects that can be activated when a monster is special summoned.

Duelist Academy: Optional Trigger Effects -
  We’ll begin with a brief follow-up for mandatory trigger effects, and then we’ll move on to optional trigger effects.

Duelist Academy: Mandatory Trigger Effects -
  Mandatory trigger effects are usually the easiest to understand because they don’t have any tricky timing to worry about.

Duelist Academy: Trigger Effects—Introduction -
  In the Yu-Gi-Oh! TCG, trigger effects are effects that activate when a specific event occurs in the duel or when something specific happens to a card.

Duelist Academy: June Mail Bag -
  Cosmic-Dark-World-Heraklinos-Burial-of-Safe-Return? I’m not sure that makes any sense, but it sums up this month’s mail bag.

Duelist Academy: Tualatin -
  Tualatin is your surprise counter-attack. Just when they think they’ve gotten rid of every monster . . .

Duelist Academy: Light of Destruction Exclusives 2 -
  We continue our look at Light of Destruction TCG exclusive cards with [Nimble Musasabi], [Magical Exemplar], and [Super-Ancient Dinobeast].

Duelist Academy: LODT—Lightsworn Exclusives -
  Sure, Light of Destruction already had great Lightsworn cards, but why stop there?

Duelist Academy: Special Summons—Extra Extra Stage! -
  This week, we conclude our look at special summoning monsters with a class of monsters that have the added ability to be special summoned under the right conditions or when a specific event occurs.

Duelist Academy: Special Summon—Extra Stage! -
  This week we look at the most decidedly curious aspect of special summoning monsters: the "special summon only" monster.

Duelist Academy: Contact Fusion? -
  This week, we continue our look at special summoning monsters with more situations involving the "Contact Fusion."

Duelist Academy: “Inherent” Special Summons -
  Whenever I tell duelists that they can’t use Solemn Judgment to negate the special summon of the monster their opponents pulled from their decks with Mystic Tomato, they aren’t happy.

Duelist Academy: Flip Summons and Priority Retention -
  This week, we look at flip summons and what happens when we retain priority after summoning a monster.

Duelist Academy: Successful Summons and Triggered Effects -
  You need to understand what happens when a monster is summoned, or you may make an unintentional mistake or miss out on the opportunity to interfere with your opponent’s plans.

Duelist Academy: Phantom Darkness Round-Up -
  Today we feature cards from Phantom Darkness with minor mechanics issues.

Duelist Academy: Dastardly Evil Heroes -
  For those of us who enjoy Jaden’s darker side, the Evil Hero monsters have a lot of fun to offer.

Duelist Academy: Van’Dalgyon the Dark Dragon Lord -
  Following last week’s mail-bag article, today we focus on Van’Dalgyon the Dark Dragon Lord.

Duelist Academy: March Mail -
  Dark Armed Dragon has made such strong showings that it’s only natural for someone to become curious.

Duelist Academy: Crush, Crush, Crush -
  In celebration of Crush Card Virus’ release in the Gold Series collection, this week we examine the mechanics of its effect and how it interacts with other cards.

Duelist Academy: The Dark Rider -
  Our new prize card is not impressed by your monster’s effect.

Duelist Academy: Jesse’s Upgrade -
  Today we look at some of Jesse’s new Crystal Beast cards.

Duelist Academy: February Mailbag -
  My mailbag is filled with rulings questions yet again!

Duelist Academy: From the Deep -
  Superancient Deepsea King Coelacanth is one king who knows how to raise an army. Their life expectancy is questionable.

Duelist Academy: TCG Exclusives -
  TCG exclusives are awesome.

Duelist Academy: Heart of Darkness -
  The newest offering of Dark monsters in Phantom Darkness is arguably the most powerful ever.

Duelist Academy: We Battle! -
  Concluding our discussion of the Battle Step and Damage Step from previous articles, today we will look at examples of monster battles and apply what we’ve learned.

Duelist Academy: The Damage Step, Part 2 -
  Today we conclude our detailed examination of the damage step!

Duelist Academy: Timing Mechanics 2 — Damage Step -
  Many effects will activate in the damage step, but they won’t do it at the same time.

Duelist Academy: Timing Mechanics—Battle Phase -
  Any basic deck with an emphasis on monster combat can learn to take advantage of these mechanics to defend its owner or make advantageous plays.

Best of 2007, Duelist Academy: Card of Safe Return -
  When Zombie Master and Il Blud joined forces to terrorize the land of the living, it was safe to say that Card of Safe Return would make a comeback.

Best of 2007, Duelist Academy: Pulling the Ol’ Rug -
  Strike of Neos shook things up with the release of Pulling the Rug. It succeeded where other counter cards had failed because its effect is intended to stop monsters just like the Monarchs and the Gadgets without paying any cost.

Duelist Academy: Mail-Bag December -
  We close out 2007 with a few questions I have received by mail.

Duelist Academy: A Gladiator’s Strength -
  This week, we examine these support cards and also take a look at the Gladiator Beasts that differ from their brethren.

Duelist Academy: Gladiator Orientation Day -
  With such a high turnover rate, you’re going to need a good training program.

Duelist Academy: LaDD Cram-School Edition -
  We have a Shonen Jump Championship right around the corner, so do pay attention.

Duelist Academy: Light and Darkness Dragon 3 -
  Today we wrap up our examination of Light and Darkness Dragon with a deeper look into how its third effect functions.

Duelist Academy: Light and Darkness Dragon 2 -
  Today, we continue our look at Light and Darkness Dragon with a further evaluation of its second effect.

Duelist Academy: Light and Darkness Dragon -
  In this world, Chazz’s ultimate monster is the powerful Light and Darkness Dragon.

Duelist Academy: Yugi Mail 02 -
  Today I open up the mail bag for more reader-submitted questions.

Duelist Academy: Card of Safe Return -
  When Zombie Master and Il Blud joined forces to terrorize the land of the living, it was safe to say that Card of Safe Return would make a comeback.

Duelist Academy: Watch My Dance! -
  Recent films have moved away from the idea of slow, dimwitted zombies to that of enraged, pursuant zombies that are both tireless and numerous.

Duelist Academy: Field Spell Refresher -
  Occasionally I receive questions involving field spell cards that make clear the knowledge gap amongst our fellow players.

Duelist Academy: Yugi-Mail Call! -
  For the next few weeks, we will be looking at mailings I have received about various cards and game mechanics.

Duelist Academy: Quiz Show! -
  This week is dedicated to breaking apart the mysteries of Reversal Quiz.

Duelist Academy: Destiny Hero - Plasma -
  Our first batch of 2007 Collector’s Tins gave us quite a surprise with Destiny Hero - Plasma.

Duelist Academy: The Gemini Ultimatum -
  We wrap up our look at the Gemini monsters today with a feature on the individual Gemini monsters themselves.

Duelist Academy: The Gemini Supremacy -
  Last week, we opened the door for the Gemini monsters and discussed the way they change identities. Today we will focus on the actual process of changing your Gemini monster from its normal monster form into its effect monster form.

Duelist Academy: The Gemini Identity -
  Gemini Monsters got players talking before Tactical Evolution’s Sneak Preview event. They took a new twist on the mechanics of summoning monsters and used it to create monsters that were worthy of attention.

Duelist Academy: Kings and Deities -
  This week, we look at Vennominon and Vennominaga.

Duelist Academy: Sinister Serpents -
  The Venom monsters will make their appearance in Yu-Gi-Oh! GX in the not too distant future. Until then, Tactical Evolution gives us a glimpse of the trouble they will cause the academy’s finest.

Duelist Academy: Rainbow Dragon -
  The Tactical Evolution Sneak Previews have come and gone, and by now I’m sure you’re all getting accustomed to the newest set of cards.

Duelist Academy: What Can I Do? -
  Building upon our scenarios from last month, this week we will examine a field situation and determine what actions a player can legally take.

Duelist Academy: Scenarios Last Stand -
  We conclude the month with a final pair of scenarios. This week’s edition focuses on elements of combat.

Duelist Academy: Duelist Retaliation! -
  Those pesky scenarios are back! As if there were any way we could stop them . . .

Duelist Academy: Return of the Scenarios -
  This week, we continue with more duel scenarios to sharpen our minds and broaden our knowledge of the game.

Duelist Academy: Trouble Scenario -
  This week, we begin a series of game scenarios that we will examine and solve using game mechanics and rulings.

Duelist Academy: Advanced Crystallization -
  This week, we expand our scrutiny to include cards from throughout the Yu-Gi-Oh! TCG library. With a solid understanding of how the Crystal Beasts work, you should have no trouble determining why these cards can find their way into a Crystal Beast strategy.

Duelist Academy: Ancient City of Riches -
  Today, we continue our examination of Crystal Beast support cards with Ancient City - Rainbow Ruins. Jesse Anderson’s field card is quite a trip . . . or vacation, depending on what you’re looking at.

Duelist Academy: Crystal Beast Harmonics -
  The effects of the Crystal Beast monsters may seem quite strange until you get your first glimpse at the support cards designed to function with them. This team certainly has its fair share of support cards to choose from, with combos both new and old that mix in quite well with their unique abilities.

Duelist Academy: Crystal Beast -
  While Force of the Breaker was being previewed, players were already working on their designs for the Crystal Beasts.

Duelist Academy: The Ectoplasmer Kings -
  The effects of the new secret rares from Force of the Breaker may not make sense, until you factor Ectoplasmer into the equation. That’s when the old neurons start firing and you think, “Ooooooohhhh, that’s what they do.”

Duelist Academy: Volcanic Arsenal -
  Blaze Accelerator is one of Axel’s cards of choice in his Volcanic deck. It kicked things off in his recent duel against Jaden, and in the TCG it functions with several of the new Volcanic cards.

Duelist Academy: Volcanic Doom -
  Force of the Breaker gives us the sets of cards used by two of the arriving students from North Academy: Jesse and Axel. While Jesse’s cards are cute, Axel’s monsters are fierce.

Duelist Academy: Force of the Breaker -
  For our first week of Force of the Breaker, I thought I would touch on a few cards with some points of interest to consider.

Duelist Academy: Burning Heat! Three Option Mix -
  With a “Volcanic” set of new cards stepping into the game, why not examine how some of our older Pyro-type monsters work?

Duelist Academy: Alien Invaders! -
  The Alien invasion of the Yu-Gi-Oh! TCG is ongoing.

Duelist Academy: Alien Invaders! -
  The Alien invasion of the Yu-Gi-Oh! TCG is ongoing. They joined up with the Reptiles and took arms in their own special ways, abducting enemy monsters and weakening the strength of opposing monsters in battle.

Duelist Academy: Pulling the Ol’ Rug -
  Strike of Neos shook things up with the release of Pulling the Rug. It succeeded where other counter cards had failed because its effect is intended to stop monsters just like the Monarchs and the Gadgets without paying any cost.

Duelist Academy: Champions of the Sanctuary -
  Comprising eight secret rares in the Strike of Neos expansion, the “Champions of the Sanctuary” Fairy-type monsters took many players by surprise.

Duelist Academy: WC 2007 - The Promos -
  Yu-Gi-Oh! World Championship 2007 was recently released for the Nintendo DS system, and packaged with it were three brand new promos for us to enjoy.

Duelist Academy: "Grandmaster" Finale -
  This week, we wrap up the series of Six Samurai articles with the top guns of the team, Grandmaster of the Six Samurai and Great Shogun Shien.

Duelist Academy: Samurai Strength -
  Targeted effects that generate damage based on the destruction of the selected monster tend to get scrambled by the substitution effect of the Six Samurai.

Duelist Academy: The Six Samurai -
  Building and using a good Six Samurai deck requires a solid understanding of how they function together on the field, how their effects can support the team, and how they can shield each other from fatal blows.

Duelist Academy: Neo-Spacians - Third Strike -
  Last week, we examined the remaining set of three Neo-Spacian monsters Jaden used during his second year at Duel Academy. This week, we examine the new contact Fusions they form with Elemental Hero Neos.

Duelist Academy - Neo-Spacians: Second Impact -
  Jaden’s Neo-Spacian monsters are back!

Duelist Academy: Art of Ritual Summoning -
  In order to help everyone prepare for the Strike of Neos Sneak Preview event this weekend, I would like to take this chance to reintroduce everyone to the mechanics of the ritual monsters.

Duelist Academy: The Heart of the Underdog -
  A Normal deck is generally formed by combining a selection of normal monsters with their best support cards. Whatever form you decide to take, however, this week’s card will help you: Heart of the Underdog.

Duelist Academy: Super Happy Promo Time! -
  No other card included in the Yu-Gi-Oh! GX McDonald’s promotion garnered the kind of attention that White-Horned Dragon did.

Duelist Academy: Jaden Promo Time! -
  This week we take a look at Jaden’s promotional cards and examine their effects.

Duelist Academy: Spirit Caller Promos -
  This week we examine the three promotional cards included with the new Yu-Gi-Oh! GX game, Spirit Caller.

Duelist Academy: Deck Devastation Virus – Part 2 -
  Building on our discussion from last week, this week we will examine more examples of resolving Deck Devastation Virus, and look into the final portion of its effect.

Duelist Academy: Deck Devastation Virus -
  Understanding how to activate it and what it will destroy is necessary if you want to succeed with it.

Best of 2006: Duelist Academy: Paying the Cost -
  Anyone thinking about using the Dark World monsters after seeing their performance at SJC Anaheim will need a strong understanding of costs.

Best of 2006: Duelist Academy: Keeping It Simple -
  This new style of text is here to stay, so we should all take the time to ensure that we understand it and help others to understand it as well.

Duelist Academy: Combo Functions, 2006 Edition -
  This week we’re taking a look at two specific cards, Flame Ogre and Majestic Mech - Ohka, and follow the paths that lead us to combos for each card.

Duelist Academy: Satellite Cannon -
  For the first Champion Pack series, our brand new ultra rare card is Satellite Cannon!

Duelist Academy: It’s Good to be Queen -
  Continuing our examination of the new LV Monsters from Cyberdark Impact, this week we change our focus to the more graceful of the two: Allure Queen.

Duelist Academy: Dark Lucius’s Cruel Blade -
  The paths of Dark Lucius and the Allure Queen are fraught with difficulty, and the tests required of each monster places them in two completely different strategic camps.

Duelist Academy: Column Kings -
  Cyberdark Impact introduces us to a generation of monsters that use field location as a means of combat support.

Duelist Academy: A Proper Barrier -
  Players planning on using the Barrier Statues need to understand the discipline of their effects, because the Barrier Statues make no distinction between friend or foe.

Duelist Academy: Cyberdark Power -
  This week, we examine the mechanics of these new Cyberdark machines and iron out any issues in their respective effects.

Duelist Academy: A Lesson in Leveling -
  In order to help everyone prepare for their Sneak Preview tournament this weekend, this week’s class will focus on the basic mechanics of the LV monster.

Duelist Academy: Ancient Lamp Complications -
  Last week we examined the basic functions of Ancient Lamp. This week we will handle what happens when faced with the unexpected.

Duelist Academy: Ancient Lamp -
  You wouldn’t think an Ancient Lamp could cause so many problems.

Duelist Academy: Fun with Sneak Preview Cards -
  This week, we examine two of these cards given out in recent Sneak Preview events: Toon Dark Magician Girl and Hidden Soldiers.

Duelist Academy: Forced Requisition -
  Forced Requisition prefers to share the pain of discarding with your opponent so that neither player gains cards, even if the discard wasn’t the opponent’s fault.

Duelist Academy: Continues Appropriation -
  Appropriate isn’t a card you can just throw into any deck and expect to work with any kind of consistency. It demands a certain level of commitment and planning from its user, but I think you will be happy with the rewards.

Duelist Academy: “Appropriate” Dueling -
  Appropriate is one of those cards that seems intent on confusing as many players and judges as possible.

Duelist Academy: Tactics of a Destiny Hero -
  From the power of the D - Chain to the careful tactics of D - Spirit, the Destiny Heroes have much to offer any duelist willing to accept their discipline.

Duelist Academy: A Hero’s Dark Side -
  The Destiny Hero monsters I’ve saved for this week are some of the fiercest that group has to offer.

Duelist Academy: Destiny Heroes—The Second Wave Begins -
  A wealth of new support cards and an expanding team of monsters are certain to please any Destiny Hero fan.

Duelist Academy: Power of the Vehicroid -
  Power of the Duelist has even more in store for us, giving cards that let Zane’s little brother Syrus beef up his own “Vehicroid” Deck we saw him using during his first year at Duel Academy.

Duelist Academy: Power of the Dinosaurs -
  Power of the Duelist marks the beginning of a new era for the Dinosaur monsters.

Duelist Academy: Keeping It Simple -
  With Power of the Duelist, a newer “simple” form of text is being used to make our cards easier to read.

Duelist Academy: The First Age of Dinosaurs -
  Power of the Duelist takes Dinosaurs to a new level, but part of planning for the future is knowing where we’ve been.

Duelist Academy: SD7: Ultimate Offering -
  Ultimate Offering has had its fair share of misunderstandings and disagreements, so let’s take this opportunity to have another go at it with improved text.

Duelist Academy, SD7: Waboku -
  Waboku is a highly chainable trap card, meaning you can use it in response to many, many card effects.

Duelist Academy: Soul Exchange Complications -
  With a firm understanding of Soul Exchange’s basic functions, we can now look at problematic situations that arise from its use.

Duelist Academy: Soul Exchange -
  Following our discussion of Last Will from previous weeks, our attention again focuses on an old card that was reprinted in the Tournament Packs with revised card text.

Duelist Academy: The Inheritance -
  Now that we’ve examined the revised mechanics of Last Will, I want to discuss just how much of an impact it has made by using some real-world examples.

Duelist Academy: Last Will -
  Last Will is one of the oldest cards in the game, but recent revisions to its mechanics have altered many players’ perceptions of its usefulness.

Duelist Academy – Prof. Banner’s Stratagem -
  We begin our examination of the mechanics of Professor Banner’s cards by looking at the three promotional monster cards from Yu-Gi-Oh! Ultimate Masters.

Duelist Academy: Destined to be Heroes? -
  Last week, we examined Destiny Hero - Diamond Dude and dissected how it functions. This week belongs to the other Destiny Heroes.

Duelist Academy: The Diamond Dude -
  Diamond Dude has one of the strongest effects of the Enemy of Justice set, allowing players to interact with their decks on an entirely new level.

Duelist Academy: The Call to Justice -
  This week, we’ll look into the mechanics of HERO Flash!! and the four respective cards it utilizes.

Duelist Academy: Ally of Justice -
  With a brand-new team of Elemental Hero Fusions and a great group of support cards, Elemental Hero players have plenty of new options to choose from.

Duelist Academy: The Madness of Dark World -
  This week, we’ll look at terminology and add a few more examples of cards that work well with the Nobles of Dark World.

Duelist Academy: Further Cost Analysis -
  This week we will look at several cards in the Yu-Gi-Oh! TCG and dissect the way they work. Specifically, we’ll determine if they have a cost and what you need to give up in order to pay it.

Tournament Pack 8: Dunames Dark Witch -
  With Enemy of Justice, and some old friends from Dark Crisis and Ancient Sanctuary, Dunames Dark Witch’s timing couldn’t be better.

Duelist Academy: Paying the Cost -
  True mastery over the Dark World monsters requires a firm understanding of how to activate their effects.

Duelist Academy: Uria and Raviel -
  We’ll continue our discussion from last week by looking at the last two Sacred Beasts, Raviel, Lord of Phantasms and Uria, Lord of Searing Flames.

Duelist Academy: Thunder Strikes -
  The seals have been broken, and the Sacred Beasts have been set free.

Duelist Academy: Duelist Pack – Special Edition! -
  This week, we’ll examine each of the new cards and cover all of the basics so you’ll have a solid handle on what they do.

Duelist Academy: Jaden Style -
  Every time Jaden duels, we get to see another piece of his deck that we haven’t seen before. The Jaden Duelist Pack gives us access to more of these cards, which are sure to interest Elemental Hero players everywhere.

Duelist Academy: Magical Dimension -
  When the Spellcaster’s Judgment Structure Deck was released, some cards gained immediate popularity, but chief among them was Magical Dimension, which allowed Spellcaster-based decks to step up to a new level of play.

Duelist Academy: Chazz It Up! -
  This week, we’ll examine several more new cards that are found only in the Chazz Princeton Duelist Pack.

Duelist Academy: Inferno Reckless Summon -
  This week, we’ll take a look at one of Chazz’s cards that has the potential for greatness: Inferno Reckless Summon.

Duelist Academy: The Insect Overlords -
  This week, we’ll cover the mechanics of a few new members of the brood so everyone can get started with their new Insect decks.

Duelist Academy: The Insect Army, Part 2 -
  After reading this article, you’ll have some solid mechanics in place that will help you build an array of fun Insect decks.

Duelist Academy: The Insect Army, Part 1 -
  Insects have made a gradual power progression that began with Man-Eater Bug from the early days of Legend of Blue-Eyes White Dragon, and the progression has escalated with more recent additions like Ultimate Insect LV7 from The Lost Millennium.

Duelist Academy: Blast with Chain -
  Blast with Chain is one of those cards you don’t see in every player’s deck, but it has a loyal following of players who understand how it can unexpectedly alter the direction of a duel.

Duelist Academy: Bastion’s Water Dragon -
  Take two parts Hydrogeddon and one part Oxygeddon, mix the three together with a Bonding – H2O, and you have yourself a Water Dragon.

Duelist Academy: Strike Ninja -
  With recent Shonen Jump Championship decks boasting a strong showing of Bazoo the Soul Eater and Return from the Different Dimension, perhaps it was destined that Strike Ninja would return once more to active duty.

Duelist Academy: Dark Eradicator Warlock -
  “Would you like 1000 damage with that Smashing Ground?”

Best of 2005: Duelist Academy: Mobius, Master of the Cold -
  Was 2005 the year of the Mobius?

Best of 2005: Duelist Academy: Spell Card Immunity -
  With monsters like Elemental Hero Wildheart stepping into the game with trap immunity, now is the perfect time for a refresher on the abilities of the Immunity monsters.

Duelist Academy: Why My Combo Works -
  At their core, every combo builds together separate functional effects from a pair or a small group of cards and causes them to interact on a deeper level. The mechanics of this can sometimes be complex and difficult to understand.

Duelist Academy: Rivalry of Warlords, Part 2 -
  Today we take a deeper look into Rivalry of Warlords and sort out more complex scenarios.

Duelist Academy: Rivalry of Warlords -
  Rivalry of Warlords is, in my opinion, one of the most confusing cards in the game.

Duelist Academy: The Bacterian Empire -
  Big Core was just the beginning.

Duelist Academy: Oja-Jutsu! -
  This week, I’m going to be completely selfish and focus on my Ojama cards.

Duelist Academy: Elemental Energy Heroes, Part 2 -
  Continuing our discussion from last week, this week’s class will focus on the new Elemental Hero fusion monsters from Elemental Energy.

Duelist Academy: Elemental Energy Heroes, Part 1 -
  This week’s article is about the new Elemental Hero effect monsters and support cards from Elemental Energy.

Duelist Academy: Elemental Heroes, Part 2 -
  This week, we’ll examine Elemental Hero Bubbleman and Wroughtweiler on the monster side, and Bubble Shuffle and Spark Blaster on the support side.

Duelist Academy: Elemental Heroes, Part 1 -
  After watching the show and seeing the power of Jaden’s Elemental Heroes, you can bet you’ll encounter players who are trying out Jaden’s deck for Constructed play.

Duelist Academy: Power of the Phoenix -
  Just when you think you’ve managed to destroy it, the Phoenix returns, using its sacred flames to burn down all the spell and trap cards on the field.

Duelist Academy: Power of the Silent Magician -
  Silent Magician is a special kind of LV monster that grows more powerful while remaining in its youthful form, until it’s learned enough to advance to its more powerful adult form.

Duelist Academy: Different Dimension Capsule -
  The ability to retrieve any card you desire from your deck is quite powerful, and shouldn’t be underestimated.

Duelist Academy: Dimension Mastery -
  This week we’ll examine the effects of the newest Different Dimension cards and handle some common rules problems that you may encounter when you play with these cards.

Tin Week: Gilford the Lightning -
  Behold Sir Gilford, wielder of the Odinson Blade. Few have controlled it and many have feared it.

Duelist Academy: Vehicle ‘Roided -
  This week, we’ll focus our attention on the trickier Vehicroids, so that we can clear up any misunderstandings about their abilities.

Duelist Academy: Cybernetic Unions -
  Union monsters are often misunderstood, because players are not accustomed to dealing with them.

Duelist Academy: The Spiritual Arts -
  This week, we’ll examine each of the Spiritual Art cards.

GX Deck Week: Chumley’s Australia Deck -
  Chumley’s deck relies upon summoning one of the Yu-Gi-Oh! TCG’s strongest fusion monsters, Master of Oz.

Duelist Academy: Shonen Jump Championship Rules Refresher -
  When facing serious games against serious duelists, it pays to remember the basics and the tricks of your deck.

Duelist Academy: The Lone Wolf -
  With the power of Lone Wolf, the fighter is given strength that few monsters have ever obtained.

Duelist Academy: The Goblin Elite -
  This week, we’ll examine the effect of Goblin Elite Attack Force and use examples to explain its meaning.

Duelist Academy: Spell Card Immunity -
  What does it mean for a monster to have “spell card immunity”?

Duelist Academy: Last Turn, Final Part -
  Like many other judges, I’ve had a lot of encounters with Last Turn duels and their repercussions.

Duelist Academy: Last Turn, Part Two -
  This week, the epic battle of Last Turn begins.

Duelist Academy: Last Turn, Part One -
  For the next few weeks, we will cover rulings clarifications in the game and examine cards that have been given full rulings detail.

Duelist Academy: Mental Control in The Lost Millennium -
  Brain Control should be familiar to fans of the Yu-Gi-Oh! television series.

Duelist Academy: Mistress of the Elements -
  A monster with five attributes? How are you supposed to handle that?

Duelist Academy: The Elemental Charmers -
  A Charmer’s discipline is focused and exact, and the right form of disruption will break the spell.

Duelist Academy: Master and Student -
  The connection between master and student is timeless, and the connection between Monk Fighter and Master Monk reflects that.

Duelist Academy: The Hex-Sealed Fusions -
  If you run a Hex-Sealed Fusion monster in your deck, you increase your odds of successfully performing a Fusion summon.

Duelist Academy: Battery-Powered -
  New cards are always great for spicing up gameplay and throwing your opponents out of sorts, but the cards can just as easily throw you when unexpected situations develop.

Duelist Academy: New Age of Toons -
  Last week, we focused our attention on the “classic” Toon monsters. Recently, a brand-new class of Toon monsters has emerged.

Duelist Academy: The Golden Age of Toons -
  Toon monsters were first released in the early days of the Yu-Gi-Oh! TCG. While some players noticed them right away, Toon monsters became truly famous when they appeared on the Yu-Gi-Oh! animated series.

Duelist Academy: Welcome to the Ice Age -
  This week, we’re going to continue our discussion of cards that effectively lock down spells and traps.

Duelist Academy: Spell and Trap Lockdown! -
  This week, we’ll examine two “lockdown” cards that are capable of preventing the activation of spells or traps.

Duelist Academy: Big Kitty, Bigger Fangs -
  Behold King Tiger Wanghu, the enemy of the little guy.

Duelist Academy: Reasoning with Monster Gate -
  Reasoning first hit the scene with the release of the Pharaonic Guardian expansion set.

Duelist Academy: Dark Revelation -
  Dark Revelation, the newest reprint set for the Yu-Gi-Oh! TCG, gives classic, confusing cards a second chance to show players what they can do.

Duelist Academy: Mobius, Master of the Cold -
  Mobius is by far the trickiest of the Monarchs to play, because unlike the other Monarchs, Mobius has an optional effect.

Duelist Academy: Reign of the Monarchs -
  Each Monarch has a specific effect that activates when the monster is successfully tribute summoned.

Duelist Academy: Pulling the Ol’ Creature Swap -
  This week, we will explain the ol’ switcheroo card and settle the issues related to Effect monsters.

Duelist Academy: The King of the Dragons -
  Understanding how King Dragun works requires an understanding of Lord of D., which is a card that’s often associated with migraines.

Duelist Academy: The Chaotic Morphing Jar #2 -
  This week, we will look at Morphing Jar #2 in detail. By the end of this article, you should have a solid understanding of what the Jar can and cannot do.

Duelist Academy: Don’t Fear the Reaper -
  Spirit Reaper is legendary for being one of the most confusing cards in the game. The Reaper also happens to be one of the most played cards in the game.

Duelist Academy: Legend of the Magical Scientist -
  When it was released, Magical Scientist was just an ordinary common in the Magician’s Force set—but when this Spellcaster’s power was finally realized, it exploded into the tournament scene.

Duelist’s Academy: The Use of Traps -
  This week, we’re looking at cards that bring us the element of surprise—trap cards.

Duelist Academy: Mastery Over Spell Cards -
  This week’s article is a refresher course on the mechanics of spell cards.

The Duelist Academy: Samurai, Swordsmen, and Severance -
  There isn’t much confusion about battle damage when you’re dealing with most monsters, but it becomes an issue when Sasuke Samurai or any Mystic Swordsmen step into the picture.

Blast Held by a Tribute 101 -
  Blast Held by a Tribute is a powerful answer to an attack by a monster that was tribute summoned or set.

A Token Article -
  This week, I’ll talk about the finer points of monster tokens and counters, and I’ll clear up some misconceptions players may have about them.

The Duelist Academy: Emergency Provisions -
  Since the limiting of Mystical Space Typhoon to one copy per deck, Emergency Provisions has begun to see more play.

Rise of Destiny: Take Two -
  This week, we will examine draft choices in Rise of Destiny.

Rise of Destiny Sealed Pack -
  The Rise of Destiny Sneak Preview Weekend has come and gone, but Rise of Destiny Sealed Pack events are just getting started.

Rise of Destiny Combinations -
  This week, we’ll take a look at a variety of combinations available in Rise of Destiny.

Rise of Destiny – Spells and Traps -
  Continuing from last week’s article, this week we dive right into the spell and trap cards from Rise of Destiny.

Introduction to Rise of Destiny -
  Rise of Destiny saw the first round of battle at the recent Sneak Preview event, and I’m hoping many of you got a chance to enjoy it.

Type Limited Deck – Dragons -
  This week we’ll examine a type-limited deck that uses only Dragon-type monsters with a focus on using Red-Eyes B. Dragon.

Soul of the Duelist – The Flow of a Draft -
  This week, we’ll look at a Soul of the Duelist draft in which I participated.

Soul of the Duelist—Constructed Deck -
  Welcome to the next generation of dueling—the Level monsters.

Attribute Limited – Earth Monsters -
  In creating my attribute-limited deck for this week, I decided to focus on one of my favorite monsters: Enraged Muka Muka.

Soul of the Duelist – Sealed Pack -
  The drop to only 60 different cards from the previous standard of 100+ will make an impact on the variety of cards you pull from packs.

Soul of the Duelist – Initial Choices -
  This week’s article focuses on Booster Draft with Soul of the Duelist.

Combinations in Soul of the Duelist -
  Just as we learned from Ancient Sanctuary, knowing how cards in Soul of the Duelist combine together is beneficial for both Constructed and Sealed Pack.

Spells and Traps of Soul of the Duelist -
  The newest tricks of the trade include spells and traps designed to support and protect the new LV monsters, new abilities for old monsters and deck types, and counters against card drawing strategies.

The Monsters of Soul of the Duelist -
  This newest expansion introduces LV monsters: monsters that grow into a more powerful form by satisfying specific conditions.

Ancient Sanctuary Multiple Card Combinations -
  As a continuation of last week's article on card combinations in Ancient Sanctuary, this week will focus on more complex combinations that rely on multiple cards.

Ancient Sanctuary: Two Card Combinations -
  A look at some of the most powerful combinations in Ancient Sanctuary.

Ancient Sanctuary: Two Card Combinations -
  Card combinations are a standard part of any TCG. The worth and effectiveness of a combo is often challenged against the number of cards involved in its execution and the likelihood of success.

Type-Limited: Spellcaster Roll Call -
  It should not be surprising that the Spellcasters assemble to become a formidable team. They often have effects that work together or allow you more control over your spell cards—the one type of card with which they align themselves above all others.

Call of the Mummy: Type-Limited -
  Zombies have a funny little habit of never quite going away. Just when you think you’ve got the last one licked, another one appears to take its place . . .

Sealed Sanctuary -
  Constructing a deck from sealed packs is a challenge, to be certain. In Draft, you are better able to choose from a variety of cards and pull together the best of what is available, but in Sealed you must use what you are given and nothing more.

Ancient Sanctuary: Sealmaster's Onslaught -
  Sealmaster Meisei is very good at controlling the game. Depending on your strategy, you can use either Talisman of Spell Sealing or Talisman of Trap Sealing to eliminate threats from spell or trap cards.

Ancient Sanctuary Set Constructed: Judgment of Saturn -
  The goal of the Judgment of Saturn deck is to get your life points to twice that of your opponent as quickly as possible, then use The Agent of Judgment – Saturn’s effect to finish him or her off.

Ancient Sanctuary Limited: Given the Choice -
  In this week's article, we will step into the Pack Game, two random packs for each player with an accompanying evaluation of their contents. I will make suggestions based on the merits of the cards and how they can best be combined together.

Ancient Sanctuary Limited: Burn Strategies -
  The burn strategies in Ancient Sanctuary are varied in a way similar to those of Invasion of Chaos. Monsters, spells, and traps can each be used to generate the damage necessary to overcome the need for direct combat.

Ancient Sanctuary Limited: Human-Wave Tactics -
  The most difficult task of drafting for Human-Wave is the short print status of many of the level 2 and lower normal monsters. Still, it is beneficial to be familiar with this deck strategy, as it is one of the most reliable sources of monster and spell/trap destruction in the set.

Ancient Sanctuary Limited: The Agents -
  The Agents of the Archlords have joined the battle, and Yu-Gi-Oh! draft is their battlefield. The Agents follow a theme based around having more life points than your opponent to either make them more powerful, or to finish your opponent off.

Ancient Sanctuary Limited: The Spells and Traps -
  This week, I’ll examine some of Ancient Sanctuary’s more notable spell and trap cards for use in draft, as well as offer some suggestions for their play. They’re the only weapons your monsters will ever need.

Ancient Sanctuary: A Look at Draft -
  This article will serve as an introduction to the notable monster cards of Ancient Sanctuary.

Set Constructed: Ishizu's Crew -
  The character Ishizu made only a brief dueling appearance in the Yu-Gi-Oh! anime series. While it's not possible for duelists to recreate what Ishizu used card-for-card, select cards presented in the duel are available for real-life play.

Invasion of Chaos: Sealed Deck -
  In this article we will look at two players with three sealed packs each of Invasion of Chaos. I will examine the options available to each player and detail what cards I think they should or should not include in their decks.

Invasion of Chaos Limited: Given the Choice -
  In a prior article I said that the most important choice you make in a draft is the first two cards you select. The initial two cards set the pace for every selection you make for the remainder of the draft.

Invasion of Chaos Limited: Rulers of Chaos -
  Invasion of Chaos Draft has been a side event at the Regional tournaments for two months now, and the best of the set for Limited play have come to assume their rightful roles as the rulers of Chaos.

Invasion of Chaos Set Constructed: Bestial Rage -
  The Beasts of Invasion of Chaos are angry. For too long, they have been downtrodden. For too long, they have been passed over by the Fiends, the Fairies, the Machines, the Warriors, and the Zombies . . .

Invasion of Chaos Set Constructed: Burn -
  This week, I will begin discussing another form of tournament play—Set Constructed. The idea in this format is to construct a deck from only cards within a specific set . . .

Limited-Sealed with the Kaiba Evolution Starter Deck -
  Continuing the topic of Limited-Sealed from last week's article, now we're going to look at Kaiba’s Evolution Starter Deck . . .

Limited-Sealed with the Yugi Evolution Starter Deck -
  This article will focus on the Limited-Sealed format using the Yugi Evolution Starter Deck and will examine what cards from Invasion of Chaos can mix well with the deck’s strengths.

Limited Play: Dinos, Reptiles, and Beasts, Oh My! -
  A revolution has begun, and the battleground is Invasion of Chaos! The downtrodden Reptiles and Dinosaurs have banded together, while the Beasts, Winged-Beasts, and Beast-Warriors have found their leaders with the arrival of Enraged Battle Ox and Manticore of Darkness.

Chaos Beatdown -
  It is certainly satisfying to have your monsters dish out the punishment. Invasion of Chaos delivers more then enough muscle for that purpose . . .

Invasion of Chaos Limited: The Chaos Burn -
  I will begin my analysis of Invasion of Chaos Limited with a strategy that is close to my heart—the Burn strategy.

At My Signal, Unleash Chaos -
  While the focus of many will be on the Constructed uses for the new cards in Invasion of Chaos, I’m going to discuss the strategies available in Invasion of Chaos Limited play.

Dark Crisis Limited: The First Two Picks -
  In Yu-Gi-Oh! Booster Draft, you always start with two selections. The first two cards you select from the first packs you open will govern your draft selections for the remainder of the drafting process. Your earliest choices are the most critical.

Introduction to the Guardian – Limited -
  The Guardians are a select group of monsters, each one of which is represented by the weapon associated with it. Each weapon and Guardian may act differently, but they are bound to one another.

Themes in Dark Crisis #2: Archfiend Support in Limited Play -
  Last week, we discussed the Archfiends themselves; this week, we will look into the Archfiend support cards. I will also list some potential uses for the Archfiend support cards in draft and some strategies that take advantage of the Archfiends as a whole.

Themes in Dark Crisis: Archfiends in Limited Play -
  Dark Crisis contains several themes that a duelist can base his or her entire deck around. With time and effort, a player may be able to figure out how each of these themes fits into a Constructed deck, but how do they factor into Limited play?

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