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Doomkaiser Dragon
Card# CSOC-EN043

Doomkaiser Dragon's effect isn't just for Zombie World duelists: remember that its effect can swipe copies of Plaguespreader Zombie, too!
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Finals: Michael Fukuyama vs. Nareg Torossian
Jason Grabher-Meyer

410 duelists came down to this: two competitors remained, one from a barely-known team from Massachusetts and one from Team Comic Odyssey!

Fukuyama won the die roll and opted to go first, setting one card to each of his zones. Torossian summoned Breaker the Magical Warrior, broke the face down, and then attacked the face down monster, revealing Tsukuyomi! That was a quick two-for-one for Torossian. Fukuyama got him back though, by using Delinquent Duo next turn and then clearing away Breaker with D. D. Warrior Lady. He set another spell or trap and passed.


Premature Burial brought Torossian D. D. Assailant and it took down D. D. Warrior Lady. He then set a monster, soon to be revealed as Magician of Faith when Nobleman of Crossout removed it from the game. Fukuyama had no offensive followup though, and next turn he was forced to take an attack from Asura Priest.


He set another card to his spell and trap zone, but was again nailed by the Priest a turn later. It was 3400 to 7200 for Torossian. Fukuyama set a monster, Asura Priest swung again, and Tsuku again turned its destroyer face down. A turn later, Morphing Jar set the hands even again, and when Fukuyama attempted to summon D. D. Assailant Torossian flipped Torrential Tribute. Fukuyama chained Royal Decree, but Torossian chained Call of the Haunted in turn to bring up D. D. Assailant as well. Both were destroyed in battle.


Next turn, Torossian used Snatch Steal to take the Jar from Fukuyama, tributed it for Jinzo, attacked into a Sheep token, and then used Delinquent Duo. The life point totals were 5500 to 3400.


Fukuyama fought back with Graceful Charity, discarding Airknight Parshath and a doubly-useless Ring of Destruction. Metamorphosis brought out Thousand-Eyes Restrict, it absorbed Jinzo, and Tarossian took the direct attack.


Tarossian did the same next turn! He set a monster, used Metamorphosis to turn it into Thousand-Eyes Restrict and absorbed the Thousand-Eyes on the other side of the table! It was a chain of events that often results in a long lull in aggression, but a turn later Torossian tributed his Thousand-Eyes for Airknight Parshath and punched through a Sheep token!


Fukuyama played Heavy Storm, and Torossian chained Ceasefire, then chaining Mystical Space Typhoon to blow away the Royal Decree! With only 500 life points remaining, Fukuyama scooped.


Fukuyama went first. He began the game with Delinquent Duo, forcing Torossian to discard Lightning Vortex and Magic Cylinder. A turn later Fukuyama used Duo again thanks to Magician of Faith. “Yeah, I’m gonna control this game.” He dropped Tsukuyomi, flipped Magician face down, and attacked with Tsukuyomi. Torossian was officially “on D.”


He set a monster, passed to Fukuyama, and Magician of Faith flipped yet again to bring back Duo. Fukuyama tributed it for Airknight Parshath, but Ring of Destruction destroyed the Airknight before it could attack Torossian’s face down.


Moment’s later Fukuyama attacked the face down with Asura Priest. Torossian activated Ceasefire to flip it face up. It was Tsukuyomi, and it turned the Priest face down! But Fukuyama was packing a Ring of Destruction of his own, and blew away the Tsuku to try and attack with his other monster: Spirit Reaper. Scapegoat prevented him from doing so, and Fukuyama decided to attack none of them.


The game had proceeded quickly, and Fukuyama had lost track of his life points. Despite his major card advantage, he was about to get a surprise. “I’ll summon Kycoo the Ghost Destroyer,” announced Torossian. Fukuyama nodded.


“I’ll attack Spirit Reaper, for game?”


Fukuyama blinked. “What?”


“You only have 1500 life points left.” Those Duos had added up quickly.


Fukuyama had no response! With 1500 life points remaining, Kycoo’s 1800 ATK was just enough! 300 damage was absorbed by the Spirit Reaper while the remaining 1500 reduced Fukuyama to exactly 0 life points!


Nareg Torossian wins Shonen Jump Championship Indy, and claims the first copy of Des Volstgalph to be released in North America!

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