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Doomkaiser Dragon
Card# CSOC-EN043

Doomkaiser Dragon's effect isn't just for Zombie World duelists: remember that its effect can swipe copies of Plaguespreader Zombie, too!
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Long Beach Shonen Jump TCG Championship Series Tournament
Metagame Staff

Steven Adair of Los Angeles’s Team Hustle has done it! After defeating Phillip Fitchew’s amazing Sacred Crane deck in the quarterfinals, Adair, went on to face Sang Bui in the semis. After finally breaking his drought of Top 8 performances, Sang played hard and well, but Adair still managed to defeat the veteran duelist. Finally, Joshua Moreno’s amazing comeback from a game loss penalty in the quarterfinals was drawn to a close, when Adair finished him off in game three of a match that all came down to topdecking!

Adair wins the second-largest Shonen Jump Championship of all time, claiming a brand-new laptop, piles of Shadow of Infinity packs, a copy of the Des Volstgalph championship promo card, and the title of Shonen Jump Champion!


The resolution of Shonen Jump Long Beach is going to give competitive duelists plenty of things to contemplate as the April 1 format approaches. Sand Moth, which arguably won the final match for Adair, is most definitely a tier one card, and many other pieces of tech have emerged over the course of the weekend. But more significant is the pace of play we saw in competition—slow decks lost, and fast decks won. While the past few months have belonged to conservative players, both finalists displayed ruthless aggression throughout all of their matches this weekend, and that’s a trend that we’ll doubtlessly see more of in the next few months. Piercing monsters made a huge impact as well, with duelists finally shaking off the bonds of Spirit Reaper. Exarion Universe, Airknight Parshath, Gravekeeper’s Spear Soldier, and even Saber Beetle all saw play at top tables, and Spirit Reaper’s days as a format-defining card may very well be numbered.


Shonen Jump Championship Long Beach is over, but we’re just two weeks away from Baltimore! The best of the best will show up to throw down and strut their stuff in a brand-new Advanced format. It all kicks off on Saturday, April 8, so mark that weekend down on your calendars and get ready for a whole new paradigm of dueling!

Quarterfinals Semifinals Finals Champion
Steven Adair
  Steven Adair
Phillip Fitchew
  Steven Adair
Alex Elmdanat
  Sang Bui
Sang Bui
  Steven Adair
Dennis Liu
  Angel Flores
Angel Flores
  Joshua Moreno
Joshua Moreno
  Joshua Moreno
Adam Corn

Day 2
Two relatively unknown duelists had made it to the final showdown, and one would walk away with the Des Volstgalph, the laptop, and the glory of a Shonen Jump Championship title!
Joshua Moreno had come back from an amazingly bad situation in the quarterfinals! He took a game loss for a decklist error, and had a terrible opening hand in game two, but he still came back to steal the win.
With many duelists planning to play into a slow-tempo metagame, duelists like Adair used speed to dominate the field, and going against a somewhat combo-based deck like Fitchew’s would have to imagine that speed would be imperative to him in this matchup.
Day 1
Check out the Top 8 decklists here!
“Can I get a time extension? I need a fifteen-minute nap,” said Santiago.
Both of these competitors were on the bubble for Day 2. If either duelist manages to make the Top 8 today, they’ll claim their second Top 8 performance at a Shonen Jump Championship!
We’re now almost 12 hours into Day 1 of Shonen Jump Championship Long Beach, and more fresh tech has emerged in top-tier decks!
Table 1 is playing host to two completely unknown duelists this round! Both Steven Crow and Steven Adair have only ever competed in a single Shonen Jump Championship in their Yu-Gi-Oh! careers, and now they’re the top-ranked players of this tournament.
After six long months on the bench, Eric Wu is back in Shonen Jump Championship competition!
Both of these duelists both had their breakthrough appearances at Shonen Jump Championship Los Angeles last year in April, where Cho made the Top 8 and defeated Mike Rosenberg to make it to the semifinals.
Robert Pace is recognized as one of the best Dark World duelists in the game today.
Matt Laurents is the newest star-level player of Team Comic Odyssey. Coming from a TCG background in other games, he made a huge impact on Shonen Jump Championship San Francisco back in December when he made it all the way to the semifinals.
“This might be my last Yu-Gi-Oh! tournament, Shonen Jump, ever,” stated Lee as he settled into his seat. “School’s just getting to be too much work.”
After two rounds, all the competitors have been given a one-hour lunch break. Not only will it give the near-700 duelists in attendance some time to recover and ready themselves for the next eight rounds, but it’s also giving major teams some time to reflect on the tech and decks that have been successful so far.
The National Champion of Mexico, the second place finisher of the 2005 World Championships, had to face his brother, of all people, in the second round!
This one was irresistible. Kalyne Leonhardt is a Nationals-qualified duelist for Team Enigma, and daughter of Kirk Leonhardt, which is a name that you’ll probably be seeing a lot of today.
Despite the focus on competition here today, every serious duelist has top picks in their mind for April 1.
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