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Doomkaiser Dragon
Card# CSOC-EN043

Doomkaiser Dragon's effect isn't just for Zombie World duelists: remember that its effect can swipe copies of Plaguespreader Zombie, too!
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Atlanta Shonen Jump TCG Championship Series Tournament
Metagame Staff

Congratulations to all of Atlanta’s Top 8 competitors! It was an untried format full of potential surprises, and they all managed to rise to the top. Despite the extended 60-minute final rounds, the Top 8 players flew through them, playing fast, aggressive, and smart. Top 8 playoffs filled with “I draw . . . I look at my graveyard…I look at your graveyard . . . I pass my turn” were a distant memory as these players summoned, attacked, and dealt with their opponent’s onslaughts.


Two players battled their way through the ranks, rising to face one another across the table for the championship—Daniel Fitzgerald’s Chaos Beatdown took out Paul Levitin and Marcial Bode, while John Jensen’s Chaos Control eliminated Jason Holloway and Ryan Cerda to make it a Florida-dominated finals.


Sixteen-year-old John took the finals 2-0, defeating Daniel Fitzgerald and claiming a Shonen Jump victory for Team Nexus. Congratulations to all of Atlanta’s top 8 competitors! Even though our old friend Black Luster Soldier – Envoy of the Beginning is history, chaos elements still hold strong in the form of Chaos Sorcerer. What will Chicago hold? Be sure to come back and find out—and until then, congratulations to John Jensen, the champion of Shonen Jump Atlanta!


Marcial Bode
 Marcial Bode
Quincy Gordon
 Daniel Fitzgerald
Paul Levitin
 Daniel Fitzgerald
Daniel Fitzgerald
 John Jensen
Ryan Cerda
 Ryan Cerda
Mike Stavinohn
 John Jensen
John Jensen
 John Jensen
Jason Holloway

Day 2
Two top Floridians were set to play off for the title of champion. Which of these two players would walk away with the title?
Marcial Bode, from South Florida, would be taking on 17-year-old Daniel Fitzgerald from Tampa, Florida. Both players shuffled and got ready as they waited for the round to begin.
John Jensen, a Southern Florida member of Team Nexus, took his seat opposite Jason Holloway of Ft. Worth, Texas, who was representing Team Outphase.
Day 1
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Round 9’s feature match was between sixteen-year-old Marcial Bode of Tampa, Florida, representing Team Alpha, and Paul Levitin, a fifteen-year-old from Brooklyn, New York here with Team Scoop.
This is a matchup that drew a lot of attention. Two well-known players are representing well-known teams, and each has a 5-2 record.
Ramon Bennet is 21 years old, and hails from Newnin, Georgia. He’s been playing Yu-Gi-Oh! for three years or so, and he started out in the days of Magic Ruler.
Rick’s build was a good example of a competitive, straightforward deck that could be built on a relatively tight budget, but still provides competition through battle-gleaned card advantage.
“This is my first-ever tournament,” Nick mentioned casually as they shuffled and set up. “Mine too,” grinned Brad. “Nah, I’m kidding.”
Brad Poth is excited about his deck. After he dropped by to tell me his record and show me his combo, I figured it was worth checking out. Synergy-heavy decks always interest me, and this was one I hadn’t seen before.
“It’s just a joke,” Dutch explained, referring to the team name.
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