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Doomkaiser Dragon
Card# CSOC-EN043

Doomkaiser Dragon's effect isn't just for Zombie World duelists: remember that its effect can swipe copies of Plaguespreader Zombie, too!
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Top 16: Andre Borges vs. Michael Sherkin
Jerome McHale

You might recognize Michael Sherkin as the player piloting a monster-less 4-Turn burn deck from the final feature of Day 1. As I was writing it I had actually been wondering how it would play against Demise OTK, and, wouldn’t you know it, when the Top 16 brackets came out it became readily apparent that I’d get my answer on Day 2. Michael claims that the match is a coin flip that isn’t in his favor. I can certainly see why he’d say this considering that he doesn’t have any monsters to absorb the blows of Andre’s Insects. What he does have, however, is a set of Dimension Walls and a Magic Cylinder to soak up some damage while dealing some in turn. Andre Borges is a highly successful local player while Michael’s tournament experience is mainly in the field of VS System with a couple money finishes at $10k events and a Day 2 at Indianapolis.


Both players wished each other luck as they threw the dice to decide who would get the all-important turn 1. Michael won the roll 5 to 4 and opted to begin. He started off with Meteor of Destruction, 2 copies of Ookazi, and a set spell or trap, knocking Andre to 5400 life points remaining. Andre brought out Senju of the Thousand Hands to fetch Demise, King of Armageddon to his hand. He set a spell or trap and passed without attacking. Michael did some quick counting and set two spells or traps before passing. Andre flipped Heavy Storm during his next turn, prompting Michael to chain Reckless Greed and Just Desserts. Manju of the Ten Thousand Hands came down next for Andre bringing Advanced Ritual Art to his hand. He played it and sent Metal Armored Bug to the graveyard to bring down Demise and activated Metamorphosis to trade him in for Cyber Twin Dragon and win the game! Despite a promising start from Michael, Andre Borges takes game 1 in a few short turns!


That game had clocked in at about 3 minutes, and as they were side decking Michael inquired as to what took Andre so long. “That was the longest game 1 I’ve had all weekend!” he remarked. Michael was up first again and he started off once again with Meteor of Destruction, this time following up with Restructer Revolution. He then set three spells or traps and a monster that he had sided in. Sonic Bird came down on Andre’s side of the field fetching him an Advanced Ritual Art. He passed his turn without attacking, and Michael drew and played Tremendous Fire. He didn’t flip his set card however, and in the next turn Andre summoned Senju of the Thousand Hands and Michael thought long and hard about it before allowing the summon to go through. Andre set two spells or traps before the end phase. In the end phase Michael flipped Ceasefire and Reckless Greed dealing 1500 damage and revealing a set Destiny Hero — Defender. Michael had to skip his draw, and he set both cards from the Reckless Greed before ending. During the end phase, Andre played Royal Decree, eliciting a groan from Michael. Andre got to draw two cards and he activated Giant Trunade. Michael chained Secret Barrel, Ojama Trio and Chain Strike to drop him below 2000 life points. It didn’t matter though, as Andre dropped Demise anyway and traded him out for Cyber Twin Dragon with Metamorphosis. Megamorph came down next and Michael conceded the game. Andre Borges advances to the quarterfinals defeating Michael Sherkin, 2-0!

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