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Doomkaiser Dragon
Card# CSOC-EN043

Doomkaiser Dragon's effect isn't just for Zombie World duelists: remember that its effect can swipe copies of Plaguespreader Zombie, too!
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Quarterfinals: Stefano Memoli vs. Lazaro Bellido
Jerome McHale

For the first time this weekend, we’re featuring a match that contains no players from the United States! Stefano Memoli traveled all the way here from Italy to play in the 50th Jump, and he now found himself in the quarterfinals up against arguably the strongest player in Canada. This was going to be a major uphill battle for Stefano, as Lazaro has been absolutely on fire since the day began: coming into Day 2 at 8-2 and going 3-1 in today’s Swiss rounds to finish in the Top 8. Before shuffling, Stefano took extra care to see that his motivational card—a copy of Black Luster Soldier - Envoy of the Beginning—was standing up against his deck box. The two shook hands and then rolled the dice to see who would start. Lazaro won the roll with a 2 to Stefano’s 1, and he opted to begin the match.


Allure of Darkness was Lazaro’s first play and he removed Jinzo from play to complete its effect before setting a card to each zone and passing. Stefano fired back with Reinforcement of the Army to fetch Elemental Hero Stratos, which in turn fetched out Destiny Hero - Dasher. Destiny Draw hit next, pitching the Dasher to let Stefano draw two more cards. He attacked Lazaro’s set monster but lost his Stratos to Mirror Force! Unfazed, Stefano set a spell or trap and passed over to Lazaro who brought down Armageddon Knight to put a Dasher of his own in the graveyard. He then flipped Sangan face up and declared an attack with both monsters to drop Stefano to 5600. Lazaro set a spell or trap and passed over to Stefano, who set a card to each zone before passing. On the end phase, Stefano lost Escape from the Dark Dimension to Dust Tornado, and Lazaro used its second effect to set a new card. Reinforcement of the Army brought Elemental Hero Stratos to Lazaro’s hand, and he summoned it to fetch Destiny Hero - Fear Monger from his deck. Lazaro ran some numbers and then attacked with Sangan.


Sangan took down Stefano’s set Sangan, prompting him to search out Snipe Hunter. Mystical Space Typhoon came down in the battle phase to blast Stefano’s bluff Dimension Fusion, and Return from the Different Dimension sealed the win for Lazaro Bellido! Lazaro was up 1-0 after a game that barely lasted five turns!


Both players dove into their side decks between games, taking the maximum amount of time allowed before shuffling up for the next game. It was Stefano’s option to start, and he took it, starting with Armageddon Knight to send Darklord Zerato to the graveyard. He set a spell or trap and passed over to Lazaro, who dropped Allure of Darkness, removing Fear Monger from play. Destiny Draw came down next and Disk Commander hit the graveyard to pay for it. Lazaro had already drawn five cards this turn, and he set a monster before laying down a pair of spell or trap cards. Stefano tributed his Knight for Jinzo and attacked straight into Lazaro’s set Sangan! Lazaro fetched Armageddon Knight, and Stefano noted that he would have three Dark monsters in the yard upon summon. Armageddon Knight hit the field, sending Dark Magician of Chaos to the yard.


Mystical Space Typhoon destroyed Stefano’s useless Mirror Force, and Monster Reborn brought back Dark Magician of Chaos which immediately brought Monster Reborn back to Lazaro’s hand! The Magician blew Jinzo out of play and Armageddon Knight attacked directly, leaving Stefano hoping for a miracle. He flipped Smashing Ground to remove Dark Magician of Chaos from play, and then summoned a freshly drawn Strike Ninja to take down Lazaro’s Armageddon Knight! Things were looking up, but Stefano had nothing but monsters in his hand and had to pass without a backfield. Lazaro checked his set cards and activated Monster Reborn once again to take back Disk Commander in defense mode. Commander allowed him to draw two new cards, and he pitched D.D. Crow to remove Stefano’s Armageddon Knight from play and bump his graveyard up to three Darks. Dark Armed Dragon dropped to the field and toasted Stefano’s Strike Ninja before attacking directly for 2800!


Stefano drew and shook his head as he picked up yet another monster.  He summoned Disk Commander and tried to ram it into Dark Armed Dragon to give himself a third Dark, but Threatening Roar stopped him from attacking. Stefano set Torrential Tribute but lost it in the end phase to Dust Tornado, and Lazaro took the game next turn when he tributed Disk Commander for Jinzo and dropped a second Dark Armed Dragon! Lazaro Bellido moves one step closer to his first Jump win, defeating Stefano Memoli, 2-0!

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