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Doomkaiser Dragon
Card# CSOC-EN043

Doomkaiser Dragon's effect isn't just for Zombie World duelists: remember that its effect can swipe copies of Plaguespreader Zombie, too!
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Toronto Shonen Jump TCG Championship Series Tournament
Metagame Staff

It’s over, and fittingly enough, Toronto’s first-ever Shonen Jump Champion is none other than Canadian National Champion, Lazaro Bellido!


Today marks Lazaro’s second Shonen Jump Championship victory, his third Championship this year and his second Championship in the past five weeks. To achieve that accomplishment, he had to go through US National Champion Chris Bowling, Shonen Jump Champion Paul Levitin, Shonen Jump Champion Cesar Gonzalez, and former US National Champion Adam Corn, and that was just Day 2! Lazaro had the toughest conceivable path through the Top 16 ladder, but armed with Gladiator Beasts he managed to chalk up victory after victory on his way to the Championship.


Gladiator Beasts saw even more Day 2 play here than at other recent Jumps, with a whopping twelve representatives in the Top 16. But both Cesar Gonzalez and Hsoros Nairebas made it to the Top 4 playing Dark decks, the only two Dark duelists in Day 2 — an impressive showing that speaks well for the future of Dark decks in this format. The remaining two duelists in Day 2 each played Prime Material Monarchs.


A week and a half from now Dale will fly to Berlin to compete in the World Championships, and he’ll head into Worlds as one of the most feared and respected competitors there. Good luck, and congratulations, to Lazaro Bellido — your newest Shonen Jump Champion!

Quarterfinals Semifinals Finals Champion
Dale Bellido
  Cesar Gonzales
Cesar Gonzales
  Lazaro Bellido
Lazaro Bellido
  Lazaro Bellido
Paul Levitin
  Lazaro Bellido
Hsoros Nairebas
  Hsoros Nairebas
Erwin So
  Adam Corn
Adam Corn
  Adam Corn
Jason Tan

Day 2
These two competitors could not be happier.
Last week I instant messaged Adam Corn to introduce him to another player that wanted to duel him online. Corn wasn’t able to play immediately, but the duelist that wanted to play him gladly took a rain check. That duelist was Hsoros Nairebas, and today, he’s cashing in that rain check.
Lazaro Bellido's entered double digits in Shonen Jump tops and is definitely the hottest duelist right now.
Both players have been itching to make a name for themselves and a win here today would do just that.
Cesar plowed through plenty of Gladiator duelists yesterday, but could he defeat one of the most recognized duelists in the world?
Consider this a preview of what’s to come at Worlds.
Today, the Top 16 play off for iPods, videogame systems, and the chance to be immortalized as a Champion.
Day 1
The Gladiator Beasts just keep getting more dominant.
Tristan Gonzalez has made respectable showings at several Shonen Jump Championships in the past, as well as multiple Canadian National Championships.
Sixteen year-old Samuel Tse hails from right here in Toronto, and came here this weekend equipped with what may be a groundbreaking build of Bushi Control.
Cesar Gonzalez has re-branded himself here this weekend, and is taking a new nickname out for a spin, insisting that it be featured in his coverage this weekend.
Two of the world’s greatest duelists were going head to head.
Both competitors were 3-1 headed into this round, and while each was aware of the other’s renown, they’d never even met before.
After suffering a brutally disappointing showing at Canadian Nationals, local favorite Hsoros Nairebas is back this weekend with a slightly tweaked version of his Dark Creator Turbo deck.
While Audrey's the definite underdog beside Top 8 Nationals competitor Jason Tan, both of these competitors are 3-0 heading into this round.
Mike Pianka is 3-1 right now with an innovative Burn deck being played by multiple top duelists here today.
John Marchand has earned a reputation here in Canada for repeatedly impressive showings at Last Chance Regional events.
A second feature match for Hsoros Nairebas?!
What a way to begin the tournament!
The current environment has at least one last hurrah, as Shonen Jump action debuts in Toronto for the first time ever!
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