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Doomkaiser Dragon
Card# CSOC-EN043

Doomkaiser Dragon's effect isn't just for Zombie World duelists: remember that its effect can swipe copies of Plaguespreader Zombie, too!
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Atlanta Shonen Jump TCG Championship Series Tournament
Metagame Staff

What a Top 8!


Robert Morgan, who many considered to be the top pick for a win here today, has managed to make the Top 8 of all three Shonen Jump Championships he has now attended. However, due to a missed ride and a missing wake-up call, he was unable to arrive on time for his quarterfinal. Almost 20 minutes late, he received a match loss to his opponent Shawn Long, of Team C2 upon his arrival.


Long then moved on to go up against Team Villains’ James Laurent, who brought the team’s notorious Sasuke Samurai #4 and Fairy Box tech all the way to the semifinals. After receiving a game loss himself for a major play error, Lnng came back to win the match in its third duel. He was going to the finals.


There, the respected Internet duelist (who goes by the screen name Lpfan) went up against his polar opposite. Andrew Ferdella is not only a member of Team Nexus and a former Shonen Jump Champion, but he was running Anti-Return, giving him a distinct advantage against Long’s Chaos Return deck. Amazingly though, a pair of Decree, a pair of Creature Swap, and more than a year of Shonen Jump experience wasn’t enough to bring Long down. In an intense, grueling three-duel match Long emerged victorious, finishing Fredella off with the hallmark monster of the current Yu-Gi-Oh! era: Chaos Sorcerer. Our congratulations go out to Shawn Long, your newest Shonen Jump Champion!


Long’s win is just one of the many awesome stories that went down in Atlanta this weekend. David Jamieson’s Shrink deck, which packed a pair of the incredibly scarce SJC Champion promos, made waves all Saturday and landed him a very respectable 14th place. At the same time, duelists like Max Suffridge and Corey Scoggins have already inspired thousands of competitors this weekend with their great track records and creative decks. Clockwork Control? Reversal Quiz? This event saw plenty of cool, highly competitive strategies make their Shonen Jump debut.


The Top 8 alone included a great deal of variety. Anti-Return Creature Swap, the Villains Coin Flip deck, and Zachary Johnson’s Kharin-inspired OTK all had a huge impact, with all three making the final four. The format has finally been cracked wide open, and with so many different decks Top 8ing this weekend, or coming close to qualifying for Day 2, it’s difficult to make decisive calls about the current North American metagame. One thing is for sure though, and that’s that despite Chaos Return’s eventual victory here today, its reign of dominance is over. The dueling masses are finally realizing that reliable success simply can’t be had in mirror matches, and are playing and selecting decks to beat current format trends instead of just following them.


Welcome to a new era of dueling. It’s gonna be one hot summer for Yu-Gi-Oh!


Quarterfinals Semifinals Finals Champion
Robert Morgan
  Shawn Long
Shawn Long
  Shawn Long
James Laurent
  James Laurent
Andrew Bartlett
  Shawn Long
John Henry Schalk
  Zach Johnson
Zach Johnson
  Andrew Fredella
Andrew Fredella
  Andrew Fredella
David 'Odysseus' Gordon


Day 2
We have a winner for the Scrub Brush Challenge!
It came down to this: a Chaos Return deck against an Anti-Return match, with a Shonen Jump Champion facing off against a well-recognized internet duelist.
Shawn Long of Team C-Squared, also known as Lpfan in online communities, was competing against James Laurent of Team Villains.
Andrew’s been on a roll. He’s the first person to take my Scrub Brush Challenge and win, and his progress was watched closely in yesterday’s main event. He’s also representing Team Nexus, a force to be reckoned with in the area.
Andrew Bartlett, the 38-year-old father of two from right here in Atlanta, was set to take on James Laurent in a match that pitted Team Collusion against Team Villains.
Day 1
I arrived on site to find a lot of people waiting to take the challenge—this is a list that’s going to keep me busy all day long.
Check out the Top 8 decklists here!
Michael Lux and Carlo Palazzo were both on the bubble. The loser of this match would definitely not make Top 8, but the winner would have a very good shot at Day 2.
A member of Team Collusion and a local boy from Atlanta, 38-year-old Andrew Bartlett was pitted against Overdose’s Paul Levitin.
Andrew Fredella, one of the champions of Team Nexus, was now one of the tournament’s four remaining undefeated duelists. Zachary Johnson, a former member of Team Evolution, was in the same boat.
After taking massive heat for supposedly winning Shonen Jump Orlando on pure luck, Michael Lux was back in Shonen Jump competition and packing a 5-1 record. A Day 2 showing here this weekend would go a long way towards shutting up his critics, and it showed.
Despite his defeat just moments ago, Corey Scoggins still has a strong chance at making Day 2 this weekend.
Team Rampage and Team Nexus were dominating the day, and each team had multiple 5-0 competitors. Rampage had two: Brent Yetter and Robert Morgan. Nexus had a whopping five: John Jensen, Jason Zigander, Gary Kuchta, Andrew Fredella, and Miguel Garcia were all undefeated.
“Man, you’re making me nervous” said Scoggins, greeting Jensen as he took his seat. Scoggins knew his opponent’s reputation very well. But while John Jensen earned his last round feature match, he got this one by pure luck.
What’s better than running a single focused strategy? Running three!
Plenty of celebrity duelists have managed to amass three wins in the past three rounds.
Okay, I’ll alleviate you of the suspense. The “secret tech” in David Jamieson’s deck? Read on to find out!
This is the first feature match that either of these duelists have ever had, and both are relative unknowns to the world of top-level dueling, though Jamieson is a member of Team Evolution. The reason for the feature match? Jamieson was playing something interesting.
“So what makes this a feature match?” asked Boohe, smiling as he took his seat. “You’re playing the 2005 National Champion,” I explained.
After more than a week of intense hype, hints, and clues, Max Suffridge has finally unveiled the deck that brought him to this event, a deck he’s referred to as “CC.”
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