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Doomkaiser Dragon
Card# CSOC-EN043

Doomkaiser Dragon's effect isn't just for Zombie World duelists: remember that its effect can swipe copies of Plaguespreader Zombie, too!
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Semifinals: Cesar Gonzalez vs. Tora Uy
Jason Grabher-Meyer

Cesar Gonzalez has so many shout-outs that sometimes I forget to include them: this time he wanted to send one to Anthony Alvarado, his family, “and especially his beautiful new daughter!” Belatedly, he also gave a shout to Frank Debrito, the head judge at Shonen Jump Tulsa last week.


His opponent is local duelist Tora Uy, yet another competitor who made it here today with Teleport Dark Armed! A win here would do a lot to build his reputation, and would be a big victory for local duelists.


Cesar opened Game 1 with a single set monster, and then set three cards to his back row. In Uy’s standby phase he flipped Trap Dustshoot! Uy had Dark Grepher, two Phoenix Wing Wind Blast, Brain Control, Reinforcement of the Army, and Solemn Judgment: Cesar sent back the Grepher. Uy searched out Elemental Hero Stratos with Reinforcement of the Army, but when he hit his hand Cesar flipped Crush Card Virus and tributed his Spirit Reaper! Stratos was destroyed and Uy set two cards to his back row to finish.


Normal summon,” announced Cesar next turn, summoning Mystic Tomato and attacking for 1400 damage. Uy drew Dark Armed Dragon, lost it to Crush Card Virus, and ended. He took another 1400 damage from Mystic Tomato. On the turn that followed, Uy topdecked D.D. Crow and passed again.


Cesar hit him for another 1400 damage, then set a monster. “I’ll end my turn.” Uy was down to 3800 life points. He set a third spell or trap, Cesar attacked with the Tomato for a fourth time, and play was back to Uy.


He activated Reinforcement of the Army, searched out Destiny Hero – Diamond Dude, and set him. “Go ahead.” Cesar flip summoned Destiny Hero – Doom Lord, activated its effect, and removed Uy’s Diamond Dude from play! He followed it up by setting a second spell or trap card. “Go.”


Uy had three cards set, with D.D. Crow, Dark Grepher, Phoenix Wing Wind Blast, and Brain Control in hand. He summoned Dark Grepher, attacked Doom Lord, and ended. Next turn Cesar tributed for Destiny Hero – Malicious, giving up his Tomato.


He followed it up by special summoning Dark Armed Dragon! Uy didn’t negate it, and Cesar removed his Mystic Tomato from his graveyard to target Uy’s set Phoenix Wing Wind Blast with priority. Uy chained Torrential Tribute, intending to chain his Wind Blast, but Cesar cut him off with Solemn! Uy chained his own Solemn, and the field was cleared! Phoenix Wing Wind Blast was destroyed, but Uy fired back with D.D. Crow, removing Cesar’s Malicious from the graveyard. Cesar was stymied, and ended his turn.


Uy couldn’t capitalize, but he’d at least survived; he set two cards to his back row. Cesar activated Allure of Darkness next turn, removed another Malicious for Allure’s effect, and summoned Elemental Hero Stratos. Uy had no response and Cesar searched his deck for Destiny Hero – Diamond Dude. Stratos attacked and Uy responded with Wind Blast, discarding Brain Control to spin Stratos back to the deck.


Uy had his Diamond Dude back, and he activated Heavy Storm — Cesar chained Emergency Teleport to summon Krebons in defense mode. Uy activated Diamond Dude’s effect and missed, sending Solemn Judgment to the bottom of his deck. He followed up with Emergency Teleport, special summoning Krebons from his deck and attacking with Krebons, then Diamond Dude — Cesar paid to block Krebons, but let Diamond Dude’s attack through. Uy Synchro summoned Goyo Guardian and was left with no cards.


Cesar summoned Krebons and ended. Uy drew a card, set it to his back row, and attacked with Goyo Guardian; Cesar paid himself down to 1850 life points to keep his Krebons on the field. Next turn he used Reinforcement of the Army to get Elemental Hero Stratos again, summoned him again, and searched out his last Malicious. He discarded him for Destiny Draw, activated Brain Control, and took Goyo Guardian! It was all over moments later, as Uy had nothing left but a dead copy of Crush Card Virus!


Cesar Gonzalez takes the first duel, slowly grinding out Tora Uy after Uy draws a poor opening hand. Play moved quickly to Game 2.


Uy summoned Elemental Hero Stratos, grabbing Malicious and adding him to his hand of Reinforcement of the Army, Sangan, Destiny Draw, Breaker the Magical Warrior, and Krebons. He discarded Malicious for Destiny Draw, set two cards to his back row, and ended. Cesar set two to his back row, ended, and flipped Dustshoot, revealing Breaker the Magical Warrior, Sangan, Krebons, Dark Armed Dragon, and Heavy Storm. “That sucks,” groaned Cesar. “I’ll send back . . .  Sangan.” Sangan was shuffled back into Uy’s deck.


Stratos attacked and Cesar took 1800 damage. “Go ahead.” Cesar activated Allure of Darkness, removed Dark Armed Dragon for Allure’s effect, then discarded Malicious for Destiny Draw. He flipped his face-down Mystical Space Typhoon to destroy Uy’s Solemn Judgment, removed Malicious to summon another from his deck in defense mode, then activated another Destiny Draw, discarding his third Malicious. Forced into action, he summoned Krebons and Synchro summoned Thought Ruler Archfiend. Thought Ruler crashed over Stratos, Stratos went down, and Cesar went to 8000 life points. “Your go.”


Uy removed Malicious from his graveyard, special summoned another, then normal summoned Krebons to Synchro summon Colossal Fighter with 3200 ATK! The Fighter attacked Thought Ruler to destroy it and play was to Cesar.


Cesar activated Monster Reborn, taking Stratos from Uy’s graveyard and using his effect to get his own Stratos! He summoned him, destroyed Uy’s face-down Reinforcement of the Army, then took Colossal Fighter with Brain Control! Emergency Teleport got him Krebons and that was it — 7900 ATK on the table and Uy had nothing left.


Cesar Gonzalez is headed to the finals, to face either Chris Hentz or Adam Corn!

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