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Doomkaiser Dragon
Card# CSOC-EN043

Doomkaiser Dragon's effect isn't just for Zombie World duelists: remember that its effect can swipe copies of Plaguespreader Zombie, too!
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Round 13: Stefano Memoli vs. Pete Navarro
Jason Grabher-Meyer

Stefano Memoli traveled here this weekend from Milan to represent Italy, and with a 10-2 record both he and his opponent Pete Navarro were alive and kicking in this tournament. The winner of this match would be just one victory away from a strong shot at the Top 8.


Navarro won the roll and started the game with Armageddon Knight, searching Necro Gardna from his deck and sending it to the graveyard. He set a spell or trap, ended, and play was to Memoli.


He activated Allure of Darkness and removed Destiny Hero – Fear Monger for its effect. He then summoned Elemental Hero Stratos, searched his deck for Destiny Hero – Dasher and added him to his hand. Stratos attacked and Armageddon Knight hit the graveyard. Memoli set Mirror Force but lost it to Mystical Space Typhoon in the end phase.


Play was back to Navarro, who set a card to each zone and ended. That Mystical Space Typhoon seemed questionable if he had no follow-up. Memoli summoned Armageddon Knight, sent Darklord Zerato to his graveyard, set one spell or trap, and attacked with the Knight. It hit Mystic Tomato; Navarro brought out another and when Stratos attacked Navarro removed Necro Gardna to negate the swing. Navarro was left with two Dark monsters in his graveyard.


Next turn he attacked with Mystic Tomato, trying to rout Armageddon Knight, but Memoli flipped Waboku. Mystic Tomato was destroyed, Navarro went to three Darks and special summoned Armageddon Knight to drop Necro Gardna into his graveyard. He set a monster to finish out.


Memoli tributed Armageddon Knight for Jinzo, then sent him to attack his opponent’s Armageddon Knight — Navarro negated the attack with Necro Gardna. Stratos then attacked Armageddon Knight instead, leaving Navarro with four Darks in his graveyard. Memoli ended his turn.


Navarro shuffled his hand: Reinforcement of the Army, Dark Armed Dragon, Raigeki Break, and Torrential Tribute. He passed, unable to do anything. Stratos attacked next turn but only succeeded in flipping Navarro’s face-down Spirit Reaper. Memoli attacked with Jinzo for fun, or as Navarro put it “out of spite, I guess?” and he concluded his turn.


Navarro flipped Heavy Storm, destroying Memoli’s Return from the Different Dimension. He activated Reinforcement of the Army, grabbed Strike Ninja, and summoned him! He removed two Armageddon Knights for the Ninja’s effect, activated Burial From a Different Dimension to return Necro Gardna to his graveyard, and then special summoned Dark Armed Dragon! He removed two Mystic Tomato to wipe away Memoli’s two monsters, turned Reaper to attack, and struck directly with both. The Reaper cost Memoli Disk Commander, and Navarro set a spell or trap to end. Strike Ninja returned to the field.


Memoli stole the Dark Armed Dragon with Brain Control, but when it was sent to his side of the field Navarro destroyed it with Raigeki Break, discarding Torrential Tribute to do so. Memoli was left with three cards in hand, while Navarro had just two monsters on the field.


Armageddon Knight came down for Memoli, who used its effect to search his deck for Dark Magician of Chaos and send him to his graveyard. Armageddon Knight attacked Spirit Reaper, and the duel stood at 6100 to 4100 in Navarro’s favor. Memoli set a card to his back row and ended.


Navarro attacked with Strike Ninja, destroying Armageddon Knight, then attacked with Spirit Reaper to make Memoli discard Destiny Hero – Dasher. Memoli topdecked a monster, set it, and Navarro activated Allure of Darkness to remove Darklord Zerato. A second Allure removed Dark Magician of Chaos, and a third Allure forced him to remove Phantom of Chaos. He set one card to his spell and trap zone, turned Spirit Reaper to defense mode, and attacked with Strike Ninja, destroying Memoli’s face-down Snipe Hunter.


Next turn Memoli summoned Prometheus, King of the Shadows, but Navarro chained Raigeki Break . . . targeting Memoli’s set spell or trap! It was Dimension Fusion! Navarro had read Memoli’s intent perfectly, and that left Memoli to remove monsters meaninglessly. Next turn Navarro summoned Armageddon Knight, sent Necro Gardna to the graveyard for its effect, and attacked directly with everything. A turn later it was over since Memoli’s topdeck didn’t help him: Gold Sarcophagus.


“Triple Allure was really nice,” remarked Navarro, seeming to want to admit the bit of luck that let him dominate the late game. Both duelists began side decking, each looking very intense as they prepared for game 2.


“I will go first,” stated Memoli. He summoned Armageddon Knight, sent Disk Commander to his graveyard and brought it back with Premature Burial. He set a card to his back row, shook his head a moment, and ended.


Navarro went on to summon Armageddon Knight, sending Necro Gardna to his graveyard before attacking Disk Commander. He set two cards to his back row and lost one of them, Dust Tornado, to Mystical Space Typhoon in the end phase. Was he planning to play to a faster tempo?


Memoli summoned Stratos, but Navarro responded with Torrential Tribute! Stratos got Memoli Fear Monger, and he ended with an open field. Navarro activated Reinforcement of the Army himself, grabbed Armageddon Knight, and sent a second Necro Gardna to the graveyard. The Knight attacked and Navarro set a card to back it up in the spell and trap zone.


Another Reinforcement of the Army let Memoli get Armageddon Knight, sending Jinzo to his graveyard. He special summoned Dark Armed Dragon, removed Jinzo to destroy Armageddon Knight, and then removed Armageddon Knight to destroy Navarro’s Return from the Different Dimension. Necro Gardna protected Navarro’s life points and Memoli set a spell or trap.


Navarro summoned Snipe Hunter, discarded Darklord Zerato to destroy Dark Armed Dragon, and attacked over Armageddon Knight. Navarro set one card to his back row, and next turn Memoli removed Darklord Zerato with Allure of Darkness. Strike Ninja attacked Snipe Hunter, Navarro set Enemy Controller, and play was back to Memoli.


He summoned Card Trooper, sent Dimension Fusion, Allure, and Dark Armed Dragon to the graveyard to power it up, and when he attacked with it another Necro Gardna blocked the damage. Strike Ninja attacked directly though, and then dodged to remove Disk Commander and Armageddon Knight from play. Still in the battle phase, Memoli activated Return from the Different Dimension, but Navarro chained Burial from a Different Dimension! Memoli only got to bring out two Knights and Disk Commander. All three made direct attacks, and once Memoli set a spell or trap they were removed.


Two Allures let Navarro remove Dark Grepher and Jinzo from his hand, and he set another spell or trap. Memoli kept the pressure coming, summoning Snipe Hunter and discarding Armageddon Knight to target Navarro’s face-down Enemy Controller. He chained it, turning Snipe Hunter to defense mode. Another discard cleared the field and Navarro offered the handshake.


With six minutes remaining, this match was headed to a third and final duel!


Navarro opened up with Allure of Darkness, removed Snipe Hunter, and then set a card to each zone to end. Memoli blasted him with Heavy Storm, destroying his Mystical Space Typhoon, and then summoned Armageddon Knight. The Knight sent Dark Magician of Chaos to his graveyard. Premature Burial then brought back the Magician! Memoli couldn’t bring back a spell, but the Magician took out Navarro’s set Mystic Tomato, and his Armageddon Knight swung directly. A set spell or trap finished the turn.


Armageddon Knight came down for Navarro, who sent Necro Gardna to his graveyard with its effect. Ten seconds remained in the round, so those Gardnas were going to be make or break. Time was called on Navarro’s turn and he shook his head: his hand was Necro Gardna, Return from the Different Dimension, Strike Ninja, and Dark Armed Dragon. He crashed his Knight into Memoli’s and ended.


Memoli pressed with the Dark Magician of Chaos and Navarro blocked the shot with Necro Gardna. Memoli set a card to each zone and ended.


Navarro took his last turn. Return from the Different Dimension brought back Mystic Tomato, Necro Gardna, and Snipe Hunter, and he discarded Gardna for Snipe Hunter: the field was wiped by Torrential Tribute in response, and Memoli had one last set card that Snipe had targeted. Snipe’s roll missed. Navarro had been trying for Dark Armed Dragon, but now had too many Darks in his graveyard because of the Torrential!


He pressed on and summoned Strike Ninja! He removed two Darks for his effect, special summoned Dark Armed Dragon, and attacked directly! There was no coming back from that and Memoli scooped and offered the handshake.


A bold set of plays by Italy’s Stefano Memoli just isn’t enough to overcome Dark Armed Dragon, and Peter Navarro moves on with an 11-2 record!

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