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Doomkaiser Dragon
Card# CSOC-EN043

Doomkaiser Dragon's effect isn't just for Zombie World duelists: remember that its effect can swipe copies of Plaguespreader Zombie, too!
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Theeresak Poonsombat vs. Chad Justice
Jerome McHale
Chad Justice turned out a stellar performance this weekend, making it all the way to the semifinals with a $40 Armed Samurai – Ben Kei deck. Theeresak powered his way through the quarterfinals with strong opening hands and excellent follow-through. This match was very tense as low budget met high profile.

Game 1

Chad won the opening die roll. They shuffled up, and Chad opted to go first. He started off with two face-down cards and passed. Theeresak’s opening was a bit more exciting; he summoned
Breaker the Magical Warrior and used its effect to destroy a face-down Mystical Space Typhoon. He attacked for 1600. Theeresak set two cards and passed. Chad was deeply contemplative and took his time before finally deciding to pass his turn without playing. Theeresak continued by attacking, and this time he ran into Mirror Force. Theeresak’s Delinquent Duo dropped a Nobleman of Crossout, and Chad chose to get rid of an Axe of Despair. Theeresak set another face-down card and a defense mode monster before passing. Chad took the opportunity to make a three for one play with Heavy Storm, eliminating a Scapegoat, a Dust Tornado, and a Torrential Tribute. Chad had nothing to hit with yet, so he set a monster and a face-down card and passed.

It was Theeresak’s turn to think very carefully before flipping
Magician of Faith to get back Delinquent Duo. He tributed it for Airknight Parshath and trampled over Chad’s Armed Samurai – Ben Kei. Theeresak finished his turn with Delinquent Duo and another face-down card. Chad just set his card and passed. When Theeresak’s turn rolled around, the Airknight continued to attack unopposed—Chad didn’t seem to be drawing any monsters. Theeresak set a face-down monster, and Chad passed again. Airknight hit one more time, and Theeresak passed. On Chad’s turn, he flipped Call of the Haunted to bring back the Samurai and slapped down a Mage Power and a United We Stand on it, bringing it up to 2800 ATK. He hit the Airknight and then a Sangan, and then hit directly on Theeresak’s life points. Theeresak got D. D. Warrior Lady from Sangan’s effect. Theeresak shrugged it off and pulled out Black Luster Soldier – Envoy of the Beginning to swing for game.

T-1 Chad-0

Game 2

Both players side decked before starting the game. Theeresak looked particularly ambivalent about some of his choices, probably signifying that he had never really needed to side deck against a Ben Kei deck before. Chad seemed to know exactly what he needed to do and quickly resumed shuffling.

Having lost the first game, Chad had the option to go first and took it. Chad opened up with a face-down card and a defense monster. Theeresak had the goods with
Nobleman of Crossout eliminating Sangan from the game. He then set two face-down cards and a defense position monster. Chad just set a card and passed, but during the end phase, it was destroyed by a Dust Tornado. Theeresak simply passed his next turn, as did Chad. Theeresak thought for a long while before setting a card and passing.

Chad just couldn’t seem to get the cards he needed, so he passed once again. Theeresak decided to take action, and he summoned a
Tribe-Infecting Virus, only to have it destroyed by Chad’s Ring of Destruction. Chad activated a Messenger of Peace and set a monster before ending. Theeresak had another Nobleman of Crossout for it, however, and all copies of Magician of Faith bowed out of the match . . . except the one in Theeresak’s hand, which he later flipped to return Nobleman of Crossout to his hand. Theeresak flipped his Sinister Serpent and brought the pain for 300 before setting another monster and passing. Chad quickly paid the 100 life points to Messenger of Peace, considering it a small price to pay for not getting smashed in the face by whatever Theeresak was holding. He set a monster and passed.

Theeresak played his Nobleman again and brought out
Don Zaloog, amassing an army of monsters that Messenger of Peace couldn’t stop. Don stole Big Bang Shot from Chad’s hand, and the Magician and Serpent swung in for 300 apiece. Chad tapped his deck as if to will something good to the top, but all he got was a redundant copy of Messenger of Peace. He let his active Messenger go during the standby phase and opted to set a monster and a face-down card. The face-down Premature Burial met the might of Mystical Space Typhoon, and Theeresak used Metamorphosis to turn his serpent into a Thousand-Eyes Restrict. The Thousand-Eyes Restrict sucked up Ben Kei and was then tributed for Airknight Parshath. Theeresak swung in, bringing Chad down to 400 life points and just one attack away from elimination. Chad drew . . . and found another Armed Samurai – Ben Kei. He only had one option now, and that was to go for it by summoning the Samurai and loading it up with equips. He didn’t get a chance to do it, though, as the samurai was met by Torrential Tribute. Theeresak summoned Sinister Serpent again next turn and brought Theeresak to 100 life points. Chad drew one last time and got his third Armed Samurai – Ben Kei. He knew that if Theeresak had any traps down he would be sunk, so he chose to set it instead. Theeresak used Call of the Haunted on Airknight Parshath and attacked. Chad had nothing and the match was over.

Theeresak advances to the finals 2-0.
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