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Doomkaiser Dragon
Card# CSOC-EN043

Doomkaiser Dragon's effect isn't just for Zombie World duelists: remember that its effect can swipe copies of Plaguespreader Zombie, too!
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Seattle Shonen Jump TCG Championship Series Tournament
Metagame Staff

It’s over! The first West Coast Shonen Jump Championship of the format has drawn to a close, and Kyle Lopez is our newest champion!


Wielding a deck that could easily be called an evolved form of the one that took Ryan Spicer to the Finals table at Shonen Jump Championship Austin, Lopez defeated Kevin Wang in a quarterfinals mirror match that pitted Monarchs against Monarchs. Then he battled his way through four duels to defeat Joseph Zeng, the first duelist to ever take a Machine OTK with Overload Fusion and Chimeratech Overdragon to the Top 8 tables. A timely Ring of Destruction made this match the first ever to go to a fourth duel in a Shonen Jump Championship Top 8.


Finally, Lopez laid out Maurice Cariasco in a 2-0 match he utterly dominated. Key plays in both duels left Lopez with the upper hand, and a final strike with Spirit Reaper sealed the deal.


Like Austin before it, the range of strategies in the Top 8 was stunningly varied. While a Monarch deck took top honors again, and three Monarch builds were in competition, Day 2 also featured a pair of Beatdowns, a Warrior Toolbox, a Machine OTK (with Chimeratech Overdragon!) and a unique Prickle Fairy deck. Several trends were represented as being consistent across the nation: Hydrogeddon continues to be a formative card, and Apprentice Magician continues to see increased play at the top levels. However, regional quirks and new trends were also seen. Creature Swap saw a surprising (albeit slight) upswing in play, while Dimension Fusion and Return were barely present. In addition, double Asura Priest was incredibly popular as a means of shutting down Hydrogeddon, while also keeping cards like Cyber Dragon and Smashing Ground dead. The metagame certainly continues to evolve in new directions.


SJC Anaheim is just around the corner, and, with the national metagame now established, duelists can begin to prepare. For now our congratulations go out to Kyle Lopez, your newest Shonen Jump Champion!

Quarterfinals Semifinals Finals Champion
Chris Moosman
  Chris Moosman
Sam Gomez
  Maurice Cariasco
Erik Scott
  Maurice Cariasco
Maurice Cariasco
  Kyle Lopez
Kevin Wang
  Kyle Lopez
Kyle Lopez
  Kyle Lopez
Tyler Ziegler
  Joseph Zeng *bye*
Joseph Zeng

Day 2
It all came down to this: two new dueling stars going head to head for a laptop, a pile of electronics, and a copy of the Shonen Jump Championship-exclusive prize card, Shrink!
The two biggest photo hounds from yesterday were paired up for the semifinals today.
Both players were eager to get going, and, despite a relaxed attitude, they were clearly taking the game seriously.
Chris Moosman, a former Canadian now residing in California, is no stranger to the Top 8 table.
It’s always exciting when we get a Scrub Brush winner who also finishes first and undefeated.
Sam Gomez came through with an 8th place finish, so time for me to hold up my end and grant him his winner feature!
We’ve got two Scrub Brush Challenge winners this weekend!
Day 1
Both of these players had a 6-1 record going into this round, so the winner here would go on to the Top 8 for sure.
Two of the day’s top competitors were now pitted against one another with 5-1 records.
The first of 8 rounds has begun!
We’ve a nice assortment of competitors today, so let’s get along with it and see who’s running the gauntlet!
Check out this teched Warrior Toolbox variant that Chris Moosman and David Huertas brought to the tournament today.
Both of these duelists are well-recognized on the national level.
Fili Luna is no stranger to the top table spotlight!
Both players knew each other from online communities, so this was like two friends meeting for the first time.
With only eight rounds in today’s tournament, this match would surely be a deciding factor for the weekend.
Mike “Domino” Powers is working his way towards a breakout showing, one event at a time.
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