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Doomkaiser Dragon
Card# CSOC-EN043

Doomkaiser Dragon's effect isn't just for Zombie World duelists: remember that its effect can swipe copies of Plaguespreader Zombie, too!
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The Binder: Skill Drain -
  While Jonathan Labounty won with a deck that many considered to be extinct after the new Advanced format changes, the new decks and strategies that came out of SJC Washington, DC were all very unique.

The Binder: Bottomless Trap Hole -
  As the Advanced format changes, whether through the rise of a new deck or a new change to the Forbidden and Limited lists, cards filter in and out of the most commonly played decks.

The Binder: Jinzo Revisited -
  It always excites me when a card which I’ve previously looked at goes through a dramatic change in a tournament format.

The Binder: Good Goblin Housekeeping -
  Good Goblin Housekeeping to draw three cards multiple times typically swings games into your favor, since it’s hard for an opponent to beat the extra steam that the re-use of a late-game copy can provide.

The Binder: Nobleman of Crossout -
  If you caught the newest Advanced format list, you may have noticed a few heavy changes.

The Binder: Crystal Seer -
  There are some exciting cards in Tactical Evolution, but honestly, I don’t think many can compare to Crystal Seer. Heck, I don’t think very many cards can compare to it period.

The Binder: Gemini Summoner -
  With the current format as aggressive as it is, the release of the new Gemini Summoner from Tactical Evolution (along with other stall-related cards coming up, such as Marshmallon) couldn’t have come at a better time.

The Binder: Zombie Master -
  I think Zombies just became tournament viable again.

Tactical Evolution Preview: Normal Monster Support -
  Still need a good reason to run those vanilla background monsters? Look no further!

Tactical Evolution Preview: Mormolith -
  Without looking at other Earth monsters just yet, this card would already be a solid removal option in the current Advanced format.

The Binder: Cyber Phoenix -
  The Advanced format has evolved quite a bit since the Forbidden and Limited lists last changed. While the format still remains primarily fast, it has moved from a dominant combo environment to a much more beatdown-oriented format.

The Binder: Ancient City - Rainbow Ruins -
  The Crystal Beasts, despite having a generous amount of support dedicated to them through a single set, haven’t made any serious finishes at a premiere tournament yet.

The Binder: Threatening Roar -
  It’s no secret that the current Advanced format has been blazingly fast since it began back in March. The first speedy decks we got a glimpse of were the revised Diamond Dude Turbo and Bazoo-Trooper decks.

The Binder: Volcanics -
  Today, my intention was to bring you some discussion and insight on Volcanic Shell, a card I touched on a few weeks ago when talking about Card Trader.

The Binder: Snipe Hunter -
  Its usefulness as a destructive tool really is only a bonus to the purpose it typically serves as an unmitigated discard outlet for decks that need to put cards into the graveyard.

The Binder: Elemental Hero Stratos -
  By now, most Yu-Gi-Oh! TCG players are probably familiar with Elemental Hero Stratos. If you do not recognize this card, you have either just returned from a very long hiatus from the game, or you have been ignoring any and all tournament coverage that has taken place in the last four months.

The Binder: Trap Dustshoot -
  Trap Dustshoot is not only one of Jae Kim’s favorite trap cards, but also one of the best and most powerful ways to disrupt the dreaded Ritual summoning of Demise, King of Armageddon.

The Binder: Card Trader -
  Card Trader has always had potential, but it never saw much serious play other than in the occasional Gadget deck. The Volcanic monsters give this continuous spell its shot at being the key to an entire deck.

The Binder: Crystal Abundance -
  Crystal Beasts this. Crystal Beasts that. The Crystal Beast monsters and their support cards have been the focus of a ton of discussions and articles.

The Binder: Raiza The Storm Monarch -
  Monarchs, after all this time, have not lost their popularity. While the Yu-Gi-Oh! TCG has never been as diverse as it is now, Monarch control still remains a solid deck to fall back on in case you aren’t sure what to expect at a major tournament.

The Binder: Advanced Ritual Art -
  Advanced Ritual Art was a huge boost to decks based on Demise, King of Armageddon, as well as many other casual and competitive strategies.

Force of the Breaker Preview: Sky Scourge Norleras -
  Norleras almost completely emulates Chaos Emperor Dragon - Envoy of the End in just about every way. In fact, I’d have to say that the effect of Norleras is better!

Force of the Breaker Preview: Sky Scourge Enrise -
  The upcoming new Yu-Gi-Oh! TCG set is, in my opinion, the most powerful set to be released since Invasion of Chaos. Oh by the way, Force of the Breaker has new Chaos monsters.

The Binder: Shrink -
  Shrink has now been out for about a month thanks to the special edition packs of Strike of Neos, and its impact can be very clearly seen on the tournament scene.

The Binder: Grandmaster of the Six Samurai -
  Grandmaster of the Six Samurai—the true leader of the team and the reason for the recent success of the Six Samurai theme—made his debut as a promo for the Strike of Neos Sneak Preview and was later revealed to be a secret rare within the set.

The Binder: Mask of Darkness -
  Some may remember that I looked at Mask of Darkness last April. However, as I mentioned in some of my re-evaluations of cards like Apprentice Magician, formats can shift and drastic changes in the game can take place.

The Binder: Destiny Hero - Malicious -
  Many months ago, the rivals of the Elemental Heroes made their appearance in the Yu-Gi-Oh! Trading Card Game’s Enemy of Justice booster set. These Warriors were known as the Destiny Heroes.

The Binder: Dimension Fusion -
  Invasion of Chaos was responsible for many of the game’s most powerful cards, but it’s hard to forget one of my favorite cards from the set: Dimension Fusion.

The Binder: Card Trooper -
  If you have been playing the Yu-Gi-Oh! TCG at any of the various regional events or Shonen Jump Championships over the past two weeks, then you should be familiar with the new card known as Card Trooper.

The Binder: The Transmigration Prophecy -
  When we got our sneak preview assignments for Strike of Neos, the first thing I wanted to do was talk with some of the other writers so we could discuss how cool the new cards were.

The Binder: Dark World Dealings -
  To run Dark World Dealings or not to run Dark World Dealings? It seems like a very risky move with all the popularity surrounding the Dark World theme.

Strike of Neos Preview: Reign-Beaux, Overlord of Dark World & Gren, Tactician of Dark World -
  If there is one thing that Dark World monsters are known for, it’s their role as tech against hand disruption.

Strike of Neos Preview: Dark World Dealings & Kahkki, Guerilla of Dark World -
  Did I mention how awesome Strike of Neos is going to be? If you don't believe me, check out these two cards.

The Binder: System Down -
  While Chimeratech may thrive best in a Gadget-oriented format, System Down thrives in a format filled with tons of Machine monsters.

The Binder: Lightning Vortex -
  The introduction of the Gadgets into the environment has probably caused the greatest level of diversity that we’ve seen in a while, since it’s one of the best battle-oriented decks in the format.

The Binder: Jinzo -
  Jinzo works well as that near-perfect solution, since its ATK is higher than Wombat and a Chain Strike Burn deck normally won’t think to prepare for it.

The Binder: Chain Strike Burn Follow-Up and Morphing Jar -
  Now that the event is finished, and players know about Chain Strike Burn, a lot of important questions have risen.

Best of 2006: The Binder: Apprentice Magician -
  If you’ve ignored this card before, then you have no excuse to ignore it now if you intend to play in the premiere tournament scene.

Best of 2006: The Binder: Hydrogeddon and Aggro Decks -
  Since mid-2005, I had spent a majority of my time talking about control cards or underrated strategies, and very little time talking about cards that suit an aggressive play style. Hydrogeddon was my first break from that.

Break from the Binder: Chain Burn and SJC San Jose -
  When the Cyberdark Impact spoiler was released, I immediately took note of the cards that rewarded a player for building up a massive chain.

The Binder: Brron, Mad King of Dark World -
  Brron, Mad King of Dark World allows the Dark World deck to blow some strategies clear out of the water with its sheer power and brute force.

The Binder: Dimensional Fissure -
  It doesn’t seem very exciting, but it has a very powerful and subtle effect.

The Binder: Chain Strike -
  Chain Strike is indeed a powerful card, and its ability to deal 2000 damage as a single card makes it a potent option for a burn deck.

The Binder: Accumulated Fortune -
  Accumulated Fortune is just one new tool for the classic burn deck, or for an entirely new variation on it.

The Binder: Exiled Force -
  Exiled Force can simply destroy anything. That makes it very hard to play around.

The Binder: Mausoleum of the Emperor -
  Mausoleum of the Emperor is one of the most combo-happy cards to be released in Power of the Duelist.

Cyberdark Impact Preview: Degenerate Circuit -
  The effect of Degenerate Circuit is, without a doubt, incredible.

Cyberdark Impact Preview: Blast Asmodian and Chain Strike -
  Cyberdark Impact is the first set in which cards actually have effects based on the chain-link system and at what chain link they are activated.

The Binder: Apprentice Magician -
  Mike revisits Apprentice Magician, arguably the most powerful recruiter monster in the game.

The Binder: Deck Devastation Virus -
  How players sick of Cyber-Stein can actually make Cyber-Stein players sick.

The Binder: Nightmare’s Steelcage -
  Nightmare’s Steelcage, like many cards before it, completely denies your opponent any tempo unless he or she is willing to sacrifice some spell or trap removal to get in an attack or two.

The Binder: Last Will -
  Remember that Last Will can be a tricky card to use effectively, but if you plan out the timing of it properly and make sure to capitalize on all of its strengths, then it will win you more than your share of duels during a tournament.

The Binder: Mind Crush -
  The ultimate side deck card for crushing Cyber-Stein!

The Binder: Injection Fairy Lily -
  Injection Fairy Lily is one of the most aggressive cards to ever be released in the Yu-Gi-Oh! Trading Card Game.

The Binder: Brain Control -
  Does stealing actually pay off in Yu-Gi-Oh! TCG? At the cost of 800 life points, you bet it does.

The Binder: Nimble Momonga -
  And you thought Tsukuyomi slowed games to a halt.

The Binder: Ceasefire -
  The best tech card nobody is running is in this article. Click here now!

Break from the Binder: Counter-Control, Part 4 -
  The conclusion to the counter-control article series. Summary of all of the options for the deck, as well as an initial deck list for Counter-Control!

The Binder: Voltanis the Adjudicator -
  While the previous two articles discussed the elements of card draw necessary for the control deck, today’s card is geared as the finisher for the deck.

Power of the Duelist Preview: Super Vehicroid Jumbo Drill and Vehicroid Connection Zone -
  The heavy Yu-Gi-Oh! GX theme of Power of the Duelist continues today, as I reveal two cards for Syrus fans and “Roid”-fans everywhere.

Power of the Duelist Preview: Elemental Hero Neos -
  Elemental Hero Neos is the center of the Neo Spacian strategy, and a few Neo Spacian monsters will be revealed before the big Sneak Preview weekend.

The Binder: Layard the Liberator -
  Part two of my four part series on the Counter-Control deck. Today’s card illustrates the importance of late-game advantages.

The Binder: Bountiful Artemis -
  Part one of a look into the counter-control deck that came from Enemy of Justice.

The Binder: Hino-Kagu-Tsuchi and Yamata Dragon -
  These Spirits like to burn things.

The Binder: Dark Dust Spirit -
  Mass removal in any game is respected, and Dark Dust Spirit should be no exception to this rule.

The Binder: Gravekeeper’s Spy -
  This card is obviously best suited as a defensive tool with its high DEF value, but some decks can make use of its card advantage and fast-tempo–generating ability for a quick win.

The Binder: Macro Cosmos -
  What Slifer slackers chose not to play for some reason.

The Binder: Royal Decree -
  I’m willing to bet that one of the big deck themes many duelists saw at the U.S. National Championships was a full playset of Royal Decree cards in many competitors’ decks.

The Binder: Return from the Different Dimension -
  If you plan on attending a premiere event, be ready to see this card.

The Binder: My Body as a Shield -
  This is the kind of card that aggro players can use to counter spell and trap effects that rid their field of monsters.

The Binder: Hydrogeddon and Aggro Decks -
  Because apparently Mike the control guy knows what aggro decks do. Check it out!

Enemy of Justice Sneak Preview: The Herald Fairies -
  The versatility of a monster that can also be used as a counter gives you a variety of options.

Enemy of Justice Preview: Bountiful Artemis -
  Denial cards have some of the most powerful effects in the game, and Bountiful Artemis rewards you for running such a tempo-disrupting strategy.

Tournament Pack 8 Preview: Harpie’s Feather Duster -
  If you are running any kind of deck that relies on attacking as a win condition, this card is a true staple!

The Binder: Mask of Darkness -
  Mask of Darkness is one of the game’s most underrated cards ever since its release in North America way back in 2002.

Bill and Tom's Binder: Sakuretsu Armor -
  Let’s face it, folks. Spirit Reaper has been defining the Advanced format for the past six months, and it’s looking like it will influence player’s choices for the next six months as well.

Bill and Tom’s Binder: Morphing Jar #2 -
  The concept of Ghandipants is simple. Your goal is to not enter battle. Ever.

Bill and Tom’s Binder: Vampire Lord -
  Now that Shonen Jump Long Beach has passed, it’s fair to note that Vampire Lord looks like a solid option, both in this and the next Advanced formats.

Bill and Tom’s Binder: Magical Dimension -
  Magical Dimension is the pinnacle of Spellcaster-oriented support.

Bill and Tom’s Binder: Treeborn Frog -
  Is it worth throwing into every deck?

Bill and Tom’s Binder: Apprentice Magician -
  Inspiration for what to write today came from Shonen Jump Championship Durham.

Bill and Tom’s Binder: Compulsory Evacuation Device -
  With the ability to act as both a defensive and offensive tool, this trap card can either win you games, save your monsters, or effectively counter your opponent’s plays.

Bill and Tom’s Binder: Scapegoat -
  Scapegoat, one of the most versatile spells ever to be released, is also one of the most misplayed cards that I’ve seen over the past year.

Shadow of Infinity Preview: Anteatereatingant -
  And no, that’s not a typo.

Shadow of Infinity Preview: Uria, Lord of Searing Flames -
  Uria, Lord of Searing Flames is gargantuan.

Bill and Tom’s Binder: Solemn Judgment -
  I prefer to beat my opponents into the ground with finesse, and Solemn Judgment is precisely that form of finesse that I love in Yu-Gi-Oh!

Bill and Tom’s Binder: Magician’s Circle -
  With last year’s release of Magician’s Circle, the Spellcasters’ lack of a search effect had come to an end.

Bill and Tom’s Binder: Magical Blast -
  Magical Blast has one of the most interesting card effects to arise in Yu-Gi-Oh! as of yet.

Bill and Tom’s Binder: Dark Scorpion – Meanae the Thorn -
  The ability to search out a monster, spell, or trap from a single effect is a rare find, and Dark Scorpion – Meanae the Thorn is one of the few cards that has this ability.

Best of 2005: Bill and Tom's Binder: Dream Clown Control -
  The amount of card advantage that this control deck can generate is huge, and that makes it a potential candidate as a deck of choice for the next few months.

Best of 2005: Bill and Tom's Binder: Amazoness Chain Master -
  Card presence is a critical aspect of the game that you must understand if you wish to do well at a Shonen Jump Championship.

Bill and Tom’s Binder: Burn at San Francisco -
  I’m sure that Jerome will have more to say about the results of the last Shonen Jump Championship of the year, so I’ll just focus on two elements of the tournament.

Bill and Tom’s Binder: Ultimate Offering -
  Ultimate Offering is one of the most powerful continuous traps to date.

Enter the Dark World: Fiendish Deck Building -
  This in-depth look at Dark World will eventually lead to a sample deck that duelists can test out and use as a starting point in creating a Dark World deck of their own!

Bill and Tom’s Binder: Pot of Avarice -
  If Pot of Avarice resolves without losing any of its targets in the graveyard, you’ll be able to earn yourself a nice bundle of card advantage.

Bill and Tom's Binder: Dark World -
  The Dark World theme is one of the most interesting ones to be released in the past year, and the Dark World monsters have more than enough tricks to help you win the duel.

Bill and Tom’s Binder: Card Destruction -
  Now, with the release of Elemental Energy and the debut of many new cards that love to be discarded, Card Destruction is on its way toward seeing play once again.

Bill and Tom’s Binder: Divine Sword – Phoenix Blade -
  Divine Sword – Phoenix Blade brings forth a new method of card advantage and resource management, which means that it’s definitely worth considering in this new Advanced format.

Elemental Energy Preview: VWXYZ-Dragon Catapult Cannon -
  Unlike XYZ-Dragon Cannon’s effect, VWXYZ-Dragon Catapult Cannon provides an unconditional advantage.

Elemental Energy Preview: The Knights -
  The Queen’s Knight, King’s Knight, and Jack’s Knight cards will make their American debuts in Elemental Energy!

Bill and Tom’s Binder: Lava Golem -
  While Lava Golem has remained as an overlooked powerhouse in the eyes of most duelists, some players have taken the time to explore the potential of this behemoth’s ability.

Bill and Tom’s Binder: Des Lacooda -
  Des Lacooda is powerful. It’s ridiculously powerful.

Bill and Tom's Binder: Dream Clown Control -
  In today’s article, you’ll find a new Control deck that utilizes at least one Dream Clown and contains suggestions from you.

Bill and Tom’s Binder: Magical Hats -
  When combined with certain monsters such as Magician of Faith and especially Mask of Darkness, Magical Hats can make a combo deck ridiculously consistent.

Tin Week: Vorse Raider -
  Vorse Raider is one of the most recognizable monsters from the television show.

Bill and Tom’s Binder: Masked Sorcerer -
  Is Masked Sorcerer worth considering for a deck in today’s tournaments?

Bill and Tom’s Binder: Dream Clown -
  Newer and better stall cards have made their way into the Yu-Gi-Oh! Trading Card Game, making Clown Control an option worth considering for duelists who wish to abuse an old competitive theme.

Bill and Tom’s Binder: Embodiment of Apophis -
  Embodiment of Apophis is one of the most unique cards in the Yu-Gi-Oh! Trading Card Game because it has a card type of its own—it’s a trap-monster.

GX Deck Week: Titan -
  Titan’s Archfiend deck deserves some analysis, especially since Cybernetic Revolution has added a new monster to the Archfiend line-up.

The Player's Guide to the Shonen Jump Championship -
  If you plan on attending a Shonen Jump Championship in the future, then read on for some advice on how to plan for this big tournament as a player.

Cybernetic Revolution Spotlight: UFOroid -
  One of my favorite types of effects in any card game is the search effect, and UFOroid is one of the only search effects available for Machines.

Cybernetic Revolution Preview: Elemental Hero Bubbleman -
  Many duelists have asked, “Are there going to be more Elemental Heroes in the future?”

Cybernetic Revolution Preview: Cyber Dragon -
  With a name like Cybernetic Revolution, you can safely assume that some mechanical terrors will be unleashed in this set.

Bill and Tom’s Binder: Toon Table of Contents -
  Toon Table of Contents plays more of a role outside of Toon decks than in the theme that it was made for!

Bill and Tom’s Binder: Different Dimension Capsule -
  Different Dimension Capsule happens to be my favorite mind game card, and it’s still quite underrated in today’s Advanced format.

Bill and Tom's Binder: Skill Drain -
  The Yu-Gi-Oh! Trading Card Game has changed greatly since its initial release in the United States in 2002. Back then, almost all of the cards were quite simple to understand, with the exception of a few cards’ effects.

Bill and Tom's Binder: Strike Ninja -
  Today’s card may have been reviewed over a year ago, but the environment has drastically changed since then.

Bill and Tom's Binder: Giant Trunade -
  It’s been slow in gaining popularity, but it seems as though Giant Trunade is starting to get the respect it deserves.

BIll and Tom's Binder: Fusion Gate -
  Fusion Gate actually makes a Fusion-based deck competitive in tournaments.

Bill and Tom's Binder: Amazoness Chain Master -
  Today's edition of Bill and Tom's Binder will not be analyzing any cards from the new Yu-Gi-Oh! set, but will instead look at the promotional card that was handed out to attendees of the big event.

Bill and Tom's Binder: Criosphinx -
  I hope those of you who attended a Sneak Preview event this past weekend had a great time. I’m sure many of you are also looking at some of your new cards and thinking to yourselves, “Hmm . . . how can I use these great new cards in an Advanced format tournament?”

The Lost Millennium Preview: TLM-EN031 -
  Puppy eyes, kitten-like nose, squeaky chatter, tiny ears . . . let’s face it. Most people cannot resist cute creatures.

The Lost Millennium Preview: Ancient Gear Golem -
  It’s that time again, everyone! After three long months of waiting, a new Yu-Gi-Oh! set is upon us.

Bill and Tom’s Binder: Ectoplasmer -
  As a duelist and an avid fan of the television show, I always enjoyed seeing cards from the animated series released in the sets.

Break from the Binder: The Spin Mechanic -
  I define “spin” as the returning of a card on the field to the top of its owner’s deck.

Bill and Tom’s Binder: Soul Exchange -
  I have to admit that, like many other duelists, I’d underestimated the card for far too long.

Bill and Tom’s Binder: Phoenix Wing Wind Blast -
  Phoenix Wing Wind Blast is without a doubt one of the best cards to come from the latest Yu-Gi-Oh! set, Flaming Eternity.

Bill and Tom's Binder: Guardian Sphinx -
  Throughout the history of the Yu-Gi-Oh! TCG, only a handful of tribute monsters have seen serious competitive play.

Bill and Tom’s Binder: Magical Marionette -
  The Marionette has some serious potential that’s just waiting to be unleashed.

Bill and Tom’s Binder: Big Bang Shot -
  Today’s article will go over the first of three cards that can not only punish the use of Scapegoat, but also have a variety of other uses.

Bill and Tom’s Binder: Ultimate Baseball Kid -
  A few duelists have recognized that this card is a powerhouse, and they’ve tried to create decks based on the little heavy hitter.

Bill and Tom’s Binder: Emergency Provisions -
  The quick-play spell Emergency Provisions has been underrated since its release almost two years ago in the Legacy of Darkness set.

Bill and Tom’s Binder: XYZ-Dragon Cannon -
  What do you get for taking the time to bring out XYZ-Dragon Cannon? You get a 2800 ATK monstrosity!

Sacred Phoenix of Nephthys: A Second Look -
  There’s nothing better than toasting your opponent with the fiery monsters in your competitive Burn deck.

Flaming Eternity Preview: Behemoth the King of All Animals -
  Behemoth the King of All Animals allows you an even advantage when you tribute summon it.

Flaming Eternity Preview: Silent Swordsman LV5 -
  Welcome to the start of the Yu-Gi-Oh! Sneak Peeks, where we’ll be looking at cards from the upcoming Flaming Eternity set.

Bill and Tom’s Binder: Archfiend of Gilfer -
  Gilfer is a powerful monster that can torment your opponent throughout an entire duel.

Bill and Tom's Binder: Second Coin Toss -
  Second Coin Toss is easily one of the most valuable spells to offensive coin flip monsters and traps

Bill and Tom’s Binder: Burn with Burrowers -
  Over the next few weeks, I’ll introduce you to cards that could be competitive in Advanced Format tournaments. These cards can boost an existing deck theme or even be central to a deck.

Flip Effects -
  Once again, Tsukuyomi comes to the rescue. Of course, it requires targets for its effect to trigger, and what better choice than a flip effect monster under your ownership?

Rise of Destiny Preview: Nightmare Penguin -
  Today’s preview card may stir a few thoughts in everyone’s minds. “Gosh, golly, gee whiz, wasn’t that monster in the Yu-Gi-Oh! television show?”

Rise of Destiny Preview: RDS-EN020 -
  Today’s sneak preview card is a nasty little monster with an effect that may remind expert duelists of the Pharaonic Guardian card Mucus Yolk.

Card Analysis: Burn Cards -
  The burner deck has been around since the creation of Yu-Gi-Oh! The concept of such a deck is rather simple: reduce your opponent’s life points to 0 through your card effects.

Card Analysis: Tsukuyomi -
  This particular Spirit monster can be either an ally or a weapon against the Chaos monsters. It can fly, but it’s not a bird, and it doesn’t “peck” at the opponent’s life points (it’s not Yata-Garasu). Believe it or not, there are other Spirit monsters out there in the realm of Yu-Gi-Oh!

Card Analysis: The Amazoness Warriors -
  In this week’s card analysis, we’ll be going through each Amazoness card fit for an Amazoness deck, and at the end, we’ll have the final product: a nice Amazoness deck that can be fit for tournament play.

Card Analysis: Freed the Brave Wanderer and Chaosrider Gustaph -
  Last time, I explained the effects of Strike Ninja and D. D. Scout Plane. Both monsters are involved with the RFG pile, and both can prove very useful. Today, two more monsters will be covered that involve removing cards from play.

Set Review: Pharaonic Guardian -
  And now, the missing set review. This week, it's Pharaonic Guardian, #7 on the list of Yu-Gi-Oh! sets, and boy is it a lucky one.

Card Analysis: Strike Ninja and D. D. Scout Plane -
  Strike Ninja is one of the most unique monsters in the set. This monster is often looked down upon, since it's a level 4 monster that doesn't have 1900 ATK. However, Strike Ninja’s effect is useful in many situations . . .

Card Analysis: Tribe-Infecting Virus and Exiled Force -
  Is either monster worth using in every deck? Both possess advantages and disadvantages, and both were very popular for their time. Are they overrated, or do they see average play?

Card Analysis: Jinzo and Breaker -
  A closer look at the trap-oppressing duo . . .

Card Analysis: Two Chaos Monsters -
  It's been over a month since the release of Invasion of Chaos, the tenth set for the Yu-Gi-Oh! trading card game. With its release, thanks to the set's hobby secret rare, one powerful fact has remained true . . .

Card Analysis: Magical Scientist -
  While Yata may be irritating, a special common card from Magician’s Force can be equally annoying, as it’s like a Swiss Army Knife against practically any deck, if you have the life points to pay for its effect. The monster I’m referring to is Magical Scientist.

Card Analysis: Yata-Garasu -
  In this series, I'll analyze one or more cards each week, talking about their strengths, weaknesses, combos, and uses in the metagame. The best possible choice for my first card analysis is none other than the infamous crow, Yata-Garasu.

Set Review: Invasion of Chaos -
  Invasion of Chaos adds a variety of new cards to the Yu-Gi-Oh! metagame. Monster types that were lacked any strength whatsoever have gained some powerful new monsters and some interesting spell and trap support . . .

Set Review: Dark Crisis -
  Let me ask you something quickly. With Guardians, Archfiends, and a variety of other cards that support older themes, has there been a set as diverse and supportive as Dark Crisis?

Set Review: Magician's Force -
  Suddenly, the summoning of Dark Magician was no longer a laughing matter . . .

Set Review: Legacy of Darkness -
  Legacy of Darkness has some of the greatest cards in Yu-Gi-Oh!, and also some of the most hated . . .

Set Review: Labyrinth of Nightmare -
  Labyrinth of Nightmare’s trademark as a Yu-Gi-Oh! booster set was cards with effects that revolved around the graveyard, though most will recognize it for its 1900 ATK secret rare, Gemini Elf.

Set Review: Pharaoh's Servant -
  Pharaoh’s Servant (PSV), the fourth Yu-Gi-Oh! set, has brought some interesting new factors to the game. One of the most notable aspects of Pharaoh’s Servant is that it is the first set to have two secret rares that are commonly used and desired in today’s tournaments.

Set Review #3: Magic Ruler -
  Obviously, Magic Ruler’s forte is its spell cards, as traps are severely lacking. The spells in this set make up for its lack of traps, as duelists can find many uses for them in a tournament deck.

Set Review #2: Metal Raiders -
  Welcome back, readers, to my second set analysis. This set is called Metal Raiders (MRD), and while the title implies that the set is based purely on machines, it contains a lot more than just that.

Set Review #1: Legend of Blue Eyes White Dragon -
  Legend of Blue Eyes White Dragon (commonly known as LOB) is the first set that was released for the Yu-Gi-Oh! trading card game (TCG), and it's also one of the most popular. I'm going to take a closer look at a few of the more well-known and influential LOB cards one at a time.

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