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Doomkaiser Dragon
Card# CSOC-EN043

Doomkaiser Dragon's effect isn't just for Zombie World duelists: remember that its effect can swipe copies of Plaguespreader Zombie, too!
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St. Louis Shonen Jump TCG Championship Series Tournament
Metagame Staff

It’s over, and Gladiator Beasts have dominated Shonen Jump Championship St. Louis!


Steven Harris battled his way through a near-impossible matchup to begin the day, fending off Dale Bellido’s Lightsworn deck before tackling Shane Scurry in a mirror match. Scurry quickly fell to Harris’s superior deck, and Harris moved on to the semifinals where he competed against Joseph Rechis. The Top 4 was pure Gladiator Beasts, and Rechis was my personal pick for the win once Top 4 was determined, but Harris cleaved through him in a quick 2-0 victory.


Finally, he took a 2-1 victory against Danny Magnin in a finals matched that pitted two Day 2 newcomers against each other for a Shonen Jump title. It was over in mere minutes, with Harris winning game 1, losing game 2 to D.D. Crow, and finally capturing the last duel of the tournament.


The Top 16 consisted of six Gladiator Beast decks, four dedicated Dark Armed Dragon builds, two Monarch duelists, and four rogue decks: Lightsworn, Big City, Jinzo – Returner, and Counter Fairies. Players like Dale Bellido, Edgar Flores, Shane Scurry, and Metagame’s own Jerome McHale were in contention in Round 1 this morning, but virtually all of the crowd favorites with strong matchups were the victims of major upsets. The field was pared down from six Gladiator Beast decks in sixteen, to six in eight, before the Gladiators finally ousted everything else from the tournament in the top 4. Everybody assumed Gladiator Beats would do well, but I doubt anyone foresaw domination on this level.


Our congratulations go out to everyone who competed here at Shonen Jump Championship St. Louis, with a special congrats for Steven Harris, your newest Shonen Jump Champion!


Stay tuned a little bit longer, because we’ll have details on the new rulings and reversals that had such an effect on this weekend’s competition. After that, we’ll see you at the American National Championships four weeks from today!

Quarterfinals Semifinals Finals Champion
Steven Harris
  Steven Harris
Shane Scurry
  Steven Harris
Jose Arocho
  Joseph Rechis
Joseph Rechis
  Steven Harris
Chris Schwarz
  David Rodriguez
David Rodriguez
  Danny Magnin
Christopher Ballard
  Danny Magnin
Danny Magnin
Day 2
Beginning last Wednesday, a series of new rulings and rulings reversals were posted over at the Yu-Gi-Oh! Rules judge list forum.
Both would walk away from this table with a copy of Doomcaliber Knight, but only one would leave here with the title of Shonen Jump Champion.
The Top 4 consisted purely of Gladiator Beasts, and this match was of particular interest.
Both competitors in this Top 8 feature match were locals from St. Louis, and they have a long player history in tournaments in this area.
Shane Scurry had a lot of team support backing him at home: Kris Perovic and Anthony Alvarado sent wishes of good luck before this feature match began.
A massive lightning storm is raging outside, and thunder is shaking the foundations of the building, but the storm outside is nothing compared to the one brewing indoors.
Day 1
A field of 237 duelists has been reduced to a final Top 16, and the results are indeed surprising.
Fate had pitted these two duelists against each other in the final round of the tournament.
Jerome McHale’s car died this morning, so he had to steal a truck to get here.
Billy Brake is playing Dark Armed Dragon this weekend, while James Naughton is playing a metagamed deck specifically for this matchup: Necrovalley.
Neither of these duelists is well known, but both were undefeated and each had a very strong deck.
With no must-feature matches going on, I decided I’d just check out Table 1 and see what was at the top of the tournament rankings. I’m glad I did — the result was a very surprising matchup.
This match would pit Dark Armed Dragon against Lightsworn, making it a formative set of games for the coming months.
Sure! Let’s feature Lazaro Bellido again! Why not?!
Lazaro Bellido is world-renowned as one of the Yu-Gi-Oh! TCG’s greatest deckbuilders and today four duelists are running his Lightsworn build.
What better way to kick off a brand new environment at a formative time in this game’s history, than with a Lazaro Bellido feature match?
Today we’ll see the first premier competition in North America to include Light of Destruction.
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