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Doomkaiser Dragon
Card# CSOC-EN043

Doomkaiser Dragon's effect isn't just for Zombie World duelists: remember that its effect can swipe copies of Plaguespreader Zombie, too!
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Round 8: Jerry Wang vs. Timothy Williams
Jason Grabher-Meyer

Timothy Williams is from right here in Nashville, and at seventeen years of age he’s secured a 6-1 record here today with an innovative deck: Six Samurai with Anti-Spell Fragrance. He’s a local favorite, but he’s on the bubble for these next two rounds and will have to defeat New York’s own Jerry Wang to keep his strong shot at Day 2.


Jerry opened the match with Allure of Darkness, removing Dark Grepher from his hand after drawing two cards. He summoned Cyber Valley, a card many considered dead heading into this weekend, and set one spell or trap to finish out. Play was to Williams.


He summoned Exiled Force, tributed it to destroy Valley, and set two cards to his back row. Jerry summoned Spirit Reaper, attacked directly, and forced Williams to discard Reinforcement of the Army. “End my turn.” Williams activated Reasoning and Jerry, who knew nothing of Williams’ deck save that he played Exiled Force, called Level 4. Williams lost Mirror Force, special summoned The Six Samurai – Yaichi, and special summoned Grandmaster of the Six Samurai. Jerry responded with Torrential Tribute, and when Williams tried to return Yaichi to his hand with Grandmaster’s effect, D.D. Crow removed it! Williams set another spell or trap, Jerry set a card to each zone, and Williams passed.


“Go.” Jerry passed back, and Williams activated another copy of Reasoning. It got him Grandmaster, but when Grandmaster attacked Jerry activated Crush Card Virus, tributing his face-down Destiny Hero – Disk Commander. Williams’ Grandmaster was destroyed, and his other in-hand card was another copy! He took both back with their effects.


Jerry special summoned Dark Armed Dragon! He removed Spirit Reaper to destroy Williams’ set Mind Crush, and Williams activated Phoenix Wing Wind Blast, discarding Grandmaster of the Six Samurai to spin away Dark Armed Dragon. Jerry tried to special summon Disk Commander with Premature Burial but was stopped by Solemn Judgment. Jerry continued, summoning Elemental Hero Stratos, searching Fear Monger from his deck, and attacking to reduce Williams to 2050 life points.


Williams looked at his next draw and scooped, knowing he couldn’t recover.


Jerry Wang takes the first duel, proving that Cyber Valley Dark Armed is alive and well here in Nashville . . . even if it only runs one copy of Cyber Valley!


"I'll play first," announced Williams. He activated Reasoning, Jerry called Level 3, and Yaichi came right off the top of Williams' deck, headed straight for the graveyard. Reinforcement of the Army let Williams search out Spirit of the Six Samurai, Monster Reborn brought back Yaichi, and he attached the Spirit to Yaichi immediately — it was a mistake: he was holding Great Shogun Shien, and since he didn’t wait to attach the Spirit, he couldn’t special summon it.


He activated another Reasoning, trying to recover and get Shogun Shien to the field, but Jerry called Level 4 and sent The Six Samurai - Zanji to the graveyard. Williams had to end his turn, leaving Jerry to activate Allure of Darkness, removing Spirit Reaper, and then attacking with Kinetic Soldier. The Soldier swung over Yaichi to destroy Spirit of the Six Samurai and dish out 1550 damage. A set spell or trap ended his turn.


Another Reinforcement of the Army let Williams get The Six Samurai - Zanji, but when he tried to summon him Jerry flipped Solemn Judgment. Williams turned Yaichi to defense mode, set a spell or trap and ended. Jerry summoned Sangan, mowed down Yaichi with it, and made a direct attack with Kinetic Soldier. "End my turn." Williams could do nothing but pass back.


Wang riffled through his opponent’s graveyard before summoning Snipe Hunter and attacking, unfazed by his opponent’s remaining set spell or trap: Williams might have had Torrential Tribute, but he didn’t have Mirror Force anymore. All three of Jerry’s monsters attacked, and he quickly ended his turn.


Williams summoned The Six Samurai – Yaichi, and attacked Sangan. It was destroyed, but it grabbed Jerry a copy of Destiny Hero – Disk Commander on the way to the graveyard. Williams set a second back row card, ended, and Jerry searched out Elemental Hero Stratos with Reinforcement of the Army. He discarded Disk Commander for Destiny Draw, discarded another Destiny Draw to target the most freshly-set spell or trap on Williams’ side of the field with Snipe Hunter, and Williams chained it: Phoenix Wing Wind Blast. Williams discarded Great Shogun Shien to spin away Kinetic Soldier. Another Snipe Hunter shot missed Williams’ set spell or trap, but a third destroyed it: Anti-Spell Fragrance. Williams couldn’t do anything to defend himself, and conceded the duel.


A disappointing showing for Williams’ Anti-Spell Fragrance Samurai, but one more win for Jerry Wang. Jerry was now one match-win away from yet another Day 2 showing!

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