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Doomkaiser Dragon
Card# CSOC-EN043

Doomkaiser Dragon's effect isn't just for Zombie World duelists: remember that its effect can swipe copies of Plaguespreader Zombie, too!
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Photo Gallery
Julia Hedberg
Photo Gallery

Day 2

Hey! Julia! Take our picture!        


The non-featured Top 8 matches.


I don’t think that is the real Batman.


I help out a lot of “Pictures of Me” galleries on Facebook.


Take time on Day 2 to relax with some casual duels and trading.




Look out, Jason! IHOP isn’t bringing Simon his food quickly enough! 


Chris Bowling proudly displays the new anti-theft feature of his binder.


Oh noes! 


The Top 16 gets down to it.


Looks like a lot of people would rather watch day 2 of the Shonen Jump than play in the regional.


Dustin Johnson vs. Jae Kim. 


More intense Top 16 action!!


Just look at them play.


It’s so exciting the spectators can’t look away!

Day 1

It’s been a very long day at table 60.


Paul Levitin! What are you doing spectating instead of playing??


Adam Corn and Lance Leonhardt face off in Round 8.


Looks like quite a crowd, especially for a match away from Table 1.


Hugo Adame and Omar Navarro chillin’ in Round 8. 


Jerry Wang intent on his match in Round 8.


Chris Moosman used to like to be the Most Photographed Player at an SJC . . . we need to fit him in here someplace.


The spectators like to watch some Yu-Gi-Oh! 


Khoi Nguyen, Scorekeeper Extraordinaire.


Macro vs. Zombies — Round 9 — Fight!


So, Matthew, how’s it going?

Andrew Fredella takes in a Huntik demo while he waits for the tournament to begin.


There are a lot of players in the room . . .

Still a lot of players . . .

Wow, more players . . .

I think that’s the lot. 


Hanging out by the Metagame writers is a good way to get your picture on the site. Here, a still life of Yu-Gi-Oh! friendship.


Marco (National Champ from Italy), Show Us Your Playmat!


Go AJ go! AJ’s a friend of mine and he’s at table 6!


Looks like the Huntik demos are attracting some attention!


It’s something to do in between rounds.


Here we are in Round 8, looking at the top tables. 


Chris Bowling in Round 8, thinking through a move.


OK, stop distracting Corey Defeo. 


Look at the guys in the background there — it’s Round 8, but they’re happy about it!


Dustin told me to delete this picture.


Looks like Rob Leander and Zaki Said are having a good match!

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