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Doomkaiser Dragon
Card# CSOC-EN043

Doomkaiser Dragon's effect isn't just for Zombie World duelists: remember that its effect can swipe copies of Plaguespreader Zombie, too!
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The Apotheosis: Exodia, King of Armageddon -
  My, my, how the mighty have fallen! Just weeks ago, Demise, King of Armageddon was the most feared deck on the radar of any truly competitive duelist. Now, with the Demise OTK strategy having been utterly savaged through main deck and side deck counters at Shonen Jump Championship Philadelphia, the big blue blight is a shadow of his former self.

Extra Credit: Crystal Beast Class 101 -
  Welcome, students! If you are here in this lecture hall this afternoon, it means you have the drive, devotion, and dedication to dueling that is required to expand your competitive education.

The Apotheosis: The Queen’s Swarm -
  As much as I identify with the Amazonesses and their flashy habits of dress, I much prefer Harpie monsters. Feathers, spikes, and spandex? I readily admit that I can only begin to aspire to such gloriously bold fashion statements.

The Apotheosis: Norleras’ Topdeck Time -
  It’s the most wonderful time of the dueling year! With the Force of the Breaker Sneak Previews now behind us, duelists across the globe have all-new cards in their hot little hands.

Force Of The Breaker Preview: Crystal Beast Amber Mammoth and Crystal Raigeki -
  Never before has it been so viable to run so many themed cards in one deck, and the results have never been better.

Force Of The Breaker Preview: Crystal Beast Sapphire Pegasus & Rare Value -
  Now they’re making me reveal two ultra rares in the very first Force of the Breaker preview!? What kind of wretchedly sadistic joke IS this?

The Apotheosis: OjaManticore -
  Sometimes even the most innocuous, downright shabby-looking cards can prove to be deceptively useful.

The Apotheosis: Mystic Destiny -
  Being able to control both your opponent’s hand and his or her monsters and upcoming draw is a dual-pronged attack of a deadly caliber.

The Apotheosis: Aggro Spellcasters -
  It is an oft-ignored fact that Spellcasters have access to some of the best themed support ever created.

The Apotheosis—Six Samurai Strike -
  Ha-HA! Someone finally did it! Jeff Baumgartner managed to take the Six Samurai all the way to the Top 8 of a Shonen Jump Championship. He’s almost as brilliant as me!

The Apotheosis: Dark World Devastation -
  Even though Dark World lost its precious Graceful Charity, it also gained three copies of Dark World Dealings, trading in one lucky topdeck for a consistent draw and discard engine.

The Apotheosis: Avenging Amazonesses -
  As much as I adore the superior power and superb strategic capabilities of my precious Ancient Gear monsters, I must admit to a certain soft spot for another particular theme.

The Apotheosis: Fast Phoenix -
  With the new format now introduced this past week it’s like a whole new semester has begun: new opportunities, new strategies, and a swirling morass of confused duelists with no sense of direction whatsoever!

The Apotheosis: Anti-Gadget Horus -
  Welcome, students! Surprised to see me? With Jason Grabher-Meyer still gone, I have been asked to take his place here in Metagame.com’s deck fix column, The Apotheosis.

Strike of Neos Preview: Advanced Ritual Art -
  When I was a young duelist, people had to work for their Ritual monsters!

Strike of Neos Preview: Gene-Warped Warwolf & Birthright -
  Strike of Neos brings you even more reasons to play Normal Monster strategies, and if you can’t see their worth this time around, perhaps you need an eye exam more than a dueling lesson.

Power of the Duelist Preview: Mausoleum of the Emperor -
  The possibilities of Mausoleum of the Emperor can unlock a treasure trove of unused cards.

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