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Doomkaiser Dragon
Card# CSOC-EN043

Doomkaiser Dragon's effect isn't just for Zombie World duelists: remember that its effect can swipe copies of Plaguespreader Zombie, too!
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Round 8: Austin Kulman vs. George Saveedra
Jason Grabher-Meyer

George Saveedra has made it to several Shonen Jump Championships in the past, and went undefeated in Day 1 of Shonen Jump Phoenix (making Day 2 in the process). His opponent this round is Austin Kulman, former National Champion: winning the US title at age eleven, the young Team Fusion duelist is now fourteen years old, and is looking for his first-ever Day 2 at a Jump. Both competitors are running Teleport Dark Armed and the pressure was on Kulman — with a first-round bye, his tiebreakers have left him at twelfth place, while Saveedra is in third. A win here would virtually cement Saveedra’s Day 2 repeat, but Kulman looked hungrier than ever before.


Saveedra opened with Destiny Draw, discarding Destiny Hero – Malicious. He summoned Destiny Hero – Diamond Dude, missed on his effect to send Torrential Tribute to the bottom of his deck, then ended. Kulman was up.


“Sweetness: let’s get it on!”  Kulman was clearly pumped about his hand. He activated Allure of Darkness, and removed Sangan for its effect. He was holding Reinforcement of the Army, Destiny Draw, Emergency Teleport, Dark Armed Dragon, Destiny Hero – Malicious, and Destiny Hero – Doom Lord. It doesn’t get much better than that! He discarded Malicious for Destiny Draw, getting Elemental Hero Stratos and Brain Control. Reinforcement of the Army got him Dark Grepher; he normal summoned it and discarded Destiny Hero – Doom Lord to use Grepher’s effect. Caius the Shadow Monarch was sent to the graveyard and Kulman had three Darks! He special summoned Dark Armed Dragon.


He then removed Malicious from his graveyard to special summon another, activated Emergency Teleport to dig for Krebons, and Synchro summoned with Malicious to bring down Colossal Fighter. Brain Control let him take Diamond Dude and Saveedra knew it was over! “That’s game.”


Austin Kulman takes victory on turn 1, smashing George Saveedra and punishing him for his weak opening! Both competitors began siding.


Saveedra got Game 2 started with Allure of Darkness, drawing two and removing Destiny Hero – Malicious for its effect: not a good sign. He set one spell or trap to end. Kulman summoned Sangan, attacked, and Saveedra took 1000 damage. Kulman set one spell or trap, but lost it in the end phase: Saveedra flipped Phoenix Wing Wind Blast, discarding Malicious, and without skipping a beat Kulman activated D.D. Crow to remove Malicious! Saveedra was in a bad place: he set two cards to his back row next turn and ended.


Kulman blasted him with Heavy Storm! Saveedra flipped Solemn Judgment, then took 1000 damage from Sangan, dropping to 2500 life points. He summoned Snipe Hunter next turn, passed priority, and lost Snipe to Bottomless Trap Hole! Saveedra ended his turn by setting a second spell or trap yet again.


Kulman had Reinforcement of the Army, Brain Control, and Kycoo the Ghost Destroyer next turn. He really didn’t want to press with another summon into Torrential Tribute, but he activated Reinforcement of the Army and searched out Stratos anyway. If Saveedra did have the Torrential, Kulman would still be getting rid of it for free in terms of card presence.


Saveedra didn’t have it. Stratos hit the field, got Kulman Malicious, and when Stratos attacked Saveedra had to bounce it with Compulsory Evacuation Device! Sangan attacked for another 1000 damage, Kulman passed, and Saveedra set a card to each zone. That left Kulman free to summon Stratos again, this time getting Doom Lord.


“You’re at 1500, correct?”




“One in hand?” Saveedra nodded. Kulman attacked with Sangan, hitting D.D. Crow! He attacked with Stratos again, and Saveedra was again forced to flip Compulsory, sending Stratos back to Kulman’s hand! He set another spell or trap next turn and ended. This was just a matter of time.


Kulman finally had Destiny Draw; he discarded Malicious to draw two cards, then removed the Malicious to summon another. He activated Emergency Teleport, summoned Krebons, Synchro summoned for Stardust Dragon, and special summoned Dark Armed Dragon — that was enough for Saveedra to scoop it up!


Austin Kulman claims a fast 2-0 victory, shattering George Saveedra, who apparently drew nothing all match! Kulman moves on, now just one victory away from making Day 2!
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