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Doomkaiser Dragon
Card# CSOC-EN043

Doomkaiser Dragon's effect isn't just for Zombie World duelists: remember that its effect can swipe copies of Plaguespreader Zombie, too!
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Semifinals: Duc Tran vs. Chen-Liang Zhao
Edgar Block

This semifinal almost seems to be the duel of the underdogs at first, since both Duc Tran and Chen-Liang Zhao have never won a premier-level event before. Zhao won the die roll with a 3 against Tran’s 2 and opted to start.


He set a card to each zone. Tran started more aggressively by activating Graceful Charity, discarding Deck Devastation Virus and Book of Moon, destroyed his opponent’s Mystical Space Typhoon with one of his own, special summoned Cyber Dragon, normal summoned Exiled Force and used its effect to destroy Gravekeeper's Spy, to make way for his Dragon, which attacked directly.


Zhao seemed unimpressed, set a card to each zone again, and passed fast. Tran activated Nobleman of Crossout and removed Morphing Jar from the game. Before Cyber Dragon attacked directly again, he set a monster face down and was done with his turn. Zhao revealed a face down Nobleman of Crossout from his spell and trap card zone and removed his opponent’s face down Magician of Faith, he then set a card to each zone for the third time and passed. Tran brought back Exiled Force with Premature Burial and destroyed the set Magician of Faith. Cyber Dragon attacked directly again and after setting a monster face down, Tran was done with his turn. Zhao revealed another Nobleman of Crossout, this time removing a Night Assailant, he set a monster and passed. Tran summoned Giant Orc, attacked into D. D. Warrior Lady and Cyber Dragon attacked for the fourth time, this time for the win!


Both players decided not to use their side decks.


Zhao decided to go first in the second game and set a card to each zone. Tran seemed to continue to play aggro, activated Nobleman of Crossout to remove Gravekeeper's Spy, but then he only set a monster and passed. Zhao drew another card and thought long about his turn. He shuffled the cards in his hand, before he decided to special summon Cyber Dragon and activated Metamorphosis to special summon Dark Balter the Terrible, after he had activated Graceful Charity and discarded Cyber Dragon and Zaborg the Thunder Monarch. Dark Balter took down Night Assailant and he passed after setting a monster face down.


Tran summoned Exiled Force and thought of attacking for some time, then he made his move and destroyed Night Assailant, destroying Exiled Force with its effect. Zhao opted to attack with Balter and passed.


Tran set a card to each zone and passed as well. Zhao's Balter attacked into Mirror Force, he activated Pot of Avarice to return Dark Balter to the Fusion deck and four other monsters to his deck, drew into two new cards and finished his turn after setting another face down monster. Tran flip-summoned Magician of Faith to return Nobleman of Crossout to his hand, he activated it to get rid of Sangan once and for all, summoned Tsukuyomi to flip the Magician face down again and attacked directly.


Zhao summoned Morphing Jar and destroyed the Magician, bringing back Nobleman of Crossout another time. After setting a spell or trap card, he was done with his turn. Tran summoned Chaos Sorcerer, used its effect to remove the Morphing Jar, but a chained Bottomless Trap Hole made sure the Sorcerer would be no threat as well. He summoned Sangan and attacked directly. Chen passed without an action and it was up to Tran again.


He summoned Tsukuyomi again to flip Magician of Faith face down, then attacked directly, but Zhao responded with Sakuretsu Armor. Zhao summoned Breaker the Magical Warrior and destroyed Sangan, fetching Treeborn Frog for Tran. After setting a spell or trap, Zhao was done with his turn.


Tran summoned Giant Orc and attacked Breaker the Magical Warrior, but Enemy Controller switched the Orc to defense position. Zhao's Breaker destroyed Giant Orc. He set another monster face down and passed.


Tran special summoned Cyber Dragon, removed Magical Merchant with a Nobleman of Crossout and destroyed Breaker. He set another monster face down and passed. Zhao activated Brain Control to gain control of Cyber Dragon, attacked into Treeborn Frog and passed after placing a card to each zone. The Frog returned to the field and was sacrificed for Zaborg the Thunder Monarch, shooting down Magical Merchant with its effect and attacking directly, but Scapegoat protected Zhao's life points.

Zhao tried to equip Zaborg with Snatch Steal, but Tran chained Book of Moon. Nobleman of Crossout then removed Zaborg from game and Zhao passed. Trans Cyber Dragon took down another Token he set a monster. Zhao only set a spell or trap card and passed. Tran flip-summoned Magician of Faith, returning Book of Moon to his hand, Zhao asks, if Tran has another monster in his hand, Tran reveals one and Zhao scooped immediately.


Duc Tran dominated Chen-Liang Zhao in the semifinals and advances to the finals!

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