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Doomkaiser Dragon
Card# CSOC-EN043

Doomkaiser Dragon's effect isn't just for Zombie World duelists: remember that its effect can swipe copies of Plaguespreader Zombie, too!
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Round 3: Yannick Dubeau vs. Tony Jin
Jason Grabher-Meyer

What a great round! Matt Peddle versus Dexter Dalit would’ve been the hands-down feature match choice, if not for the fact that Dalit had just been featured last round. There were tons of feature-worthy players and decks at the top tables. Christian Fedun is playing a high-utility Lightsworn build and just devastating opponents. Coto Portillo is back from his Last Chance Regional qualification yesterday, 2-0 with another Lightsworn build. But the nod this round goes to Montreal’s Yannick Dubeau. The man who revolutionized Cyberdarks with his Day 2 finish at SJC Montreal last year is now tackling a brand new challenge — Counter Fairies. And he’s doing it with some bizarre main decked choices.


He’s up against Ottawa player Tony Jin, running a standard Gladiator Beast build. Jin won the roll and opened with a single set spell or trap. “Go ahead.”

Game 1

Dubeau began with Bountiful Artemis, and then set two cards to back it up. That left him with another Artemis, Van’Dalgyon the Dark Dragon Lord, and Arcana Force 0 – The Fool! Next turn Jin summoned Elemental Hero Prisma. Dubeau responded with Solemn Judgment, Jin flipped his own, and Dubeau chained Dark Bribe! He drew a total of two cards with Artemis and then special summoned Van’Dalgyon in defense mode — there was nothing left for Van’Dalgyon to destroy. Jin activated Smashing Ground to get rid of Van’Dalgyon, set a spell or trap, and ended.


“Artemis will attack,” announced Dubeau, hitting for 1600 damage. He set a monster, set two cards to his back row, and ended. Jin flipped Heavy Storm from the field, and was met by another Solemn — Dubeau drew yet again. Jin summoned Gladiator Beast Murmillo, special summoned Test Tiger, then tributed it to send Murmillo back to his deck. Murmillo came back out, destroyed Artemis, and then attacked into Dubeau’s Nova Summoner — its 800 DEF meant that it would survive, while Jin took no damage. He had three cards left in hand and debated what to tag Murmillo out for.


He opted to special summon Gladiator Beast Secutor, and then set one card to his back row. Was it Waboku, or was he bluffing? Dubeau flipped his set Smashing Ground next turn to eliminate Secutor, and then attacked with Nova Summoner to drop his opponent to 1000 life points. He set a monster, set a spell or trap, and ended. “Your turn.”


Jin summoned Gladiator Beast Bestiari, and then attacked into Nova Summoner. When he reached the damage step Dubeau played Honest, dishing out 1400 damage to Jin and closing the first duel!


Yannick Dubeau starts with an amazing opening hand and devastates his opponent, scoring a quick victory over Tony Jin! Both players dove to their side decks in preparation for game 2.

Game 2

“I’ll start,” announced Jin. He summoned Gladiator Beast Darius. “Go ahead.” Dubeau set a monster, set two Dark Bribe, Bottomless Trap Hole, and Magic Drain. Jin activated Cold Wave next turn, and Dubeau countered with Dark Bribe! Jin wanted to activate another Cold Wave, thinking that his first being negated would allow him another opportunity, but it was correctly ruled that he could not. That left him in a tight spot, and gave Dubeau some valuable information. Jin set two cards to his back row, attacked, and hit Ryko, Lightsworn Hunter. Ryko destroyed Darius, Dubeau sent Solemn Judgment, another Ryko, and Mystical Space Typhoon to his graveyard, and Jin had to end his turn.


“I’ll summon Bountiful Artemis,” announced Dubeau. Jin responded with Torrential Tribute, but Dubeau chained Dark Bribe. Jin chained Solemn Judgment though, forcing Torrential through! Dubeau drew for the Solemn, ended his turn, and passed.


Jin was up. He activated Cold Wave, and forced it through Magic Drain by discarding Smashing Ground. He summoned Elemental Hero Prisma, activated its effect to send Gladiator Beast Bestiari to the graveyard, and brought out Darius. Darius grabbed Bestiari, Jin contacted Fused both for Gladiator Beast Gyzarus, and Gyzarus destroyed Dubeau’s one remaining set card — Bottomless Trap Hole. Gyzarus made a direct attack, Jin tagged Gyzarus out, and he spent a fair amount of time debating what he’d special summon. He had one Darius in his graveyard, so provided he had a second in his deck, he could play Heraklinos this turn. The question though, was whether or not doing so would be beneficial. Heraklinos can’t negate counter traps, so consolidating into it and risking Honest may not have been as sound a move here as it would be in other matchups.


Jin eventually decided to bring out Laquari and Darius from his deck, pulling the first Darius from his graveyard with the second. After even more thought, he finally brought out Heraklinos. He ended his turn with just one card in hand.


Dubeau drew to three, summoned Freed the Brave Wanderer and removed Artemis and Ryko from his graveyard. Heraklinos went down! Jin had made the wrong call, and took 1700 damage from Freed. Dubeau ended, the Cold Wave passed, and next turn all Jin could do was set a single spell or trap card.


Dubeau went for it, summoning Artemis despite Jin’s face-down spell or trap. “Attack with Artemis, then Freed?” Jin immediately scooped, instantly regretting his consolidation into Heraklinos.


Yannick Dubeau moves on with a 3-0 record, packing an innovative Counter Fairy build powered by Arcana Force?!

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