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Doomkaiser Dragon
Card# CSOC-EN043

Doomkaiser Dragon's effect isn't just for Zombie World duelists: remember that its effect can swipe copies of Plaguespreader Zombie, too!
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Day 2 Intro
Jason Grabher-Meyer

Today we’ll see twelve TeleDAD decks go head-to-head against Lightsworn, Gadgets, Gladiator Beasts, and a Diamond Dude Turbo-inspired strategy packed with spell tech. It’s going to be an interesting morning here in the Riverside Ballroom at the Cobo Exhibition Center!


First up, a years-old rivalry resurfaces in the first match of the Top 16, as Dale Bellido and Chris Pittao face off in a TeleDAD mirror match. Bragging rights and reputations are on the line — neither duelist wants to drop a match to the other after the bungled Superfriends / Team Xtreme team-up years ago.


Then, Pittsburgh’s Ross Nappi takes on one-time Canadian Champion Calvin Tsang, the latter returning to Day 2 action for the first time since his return to the game. While Nappi is running standard TeleDAD, Tsang is playing his bizarre DDT-inspired “Irwin Dot Deck,” which I’m sure co-creator and oft-misspelled T-Dot duelist Ervin So has now had a chance to appreciate the naming of. Can Tsang’s unpredictable strategy take down yet another TeleDAD deck? Either way, the winner of this match will earn a lot of credibility.


Next up, Day 2 Orlando alum Alex Simpson goes up against Lucas Kosel in another TeleDAD mirror. Simpson was careful to establish his previous Top 16 qualification in pre-match discussion; a Top 8 here would go a long ways toward establishing the reputation he seems to be striving for.


Next, Manuel De Jesus Gonzalez pilots Gladiator Beasts again Matthew Slawvey, a TeleDAD duelist who’s only thirteen years old! A win here for Gonzalez would be a huge boon for Gladiator Beast fans across the globe, but victory for Slawvey would be a tremendous achievement for such a young competitor. This one is anybody’s game.


Next, Champion Steven Harris takes on Rob Cedar in another TeleDAD mirror match. The last time we saw Harris he didn’t exactly cover himself in glory, crashing out in an early feature match at SJC Baltimore. Now, he’s gone to the Dark side leaving his signature Gladiator Beasts behind, and things may be different this time around.


We’ll see yet another TeleDAD mirror match as Card Masters’ owner and repeated Day 2 duelist Marco Cesario duels Josh Coleman. Coleman is most certainly the underdog in this match — Cesari’s resume includes spectacular showings with multiple archetypes, including his Day 2 finish with Little City at Shonen Jump Indianapolis this past summer. Victory here would help bring his reputation in line with that of his many teammates, while an upset from Coleman would be huge.


Cesar Gonzalez finds himself in yet another unpredictable Day 2 first-round matchup, taking his trademark TeleDAD build against Robbie Kohl’s Gadgets. Kohl is well-teched for TeleDAD, main-decking a tremendous number of trump cards while siding a pair of Doomcaliber Knights. But Cesar’s track record is nigh-indefatigable: can Kohl bring him down? We’ll find out in our first feature match of the day.


Finally, Matt Peddle and Lazaro Bellido duke it out in a bittersweet TeleDAD mirror match. Everybody knows the long history shared by these two friends: teammates since the days of Team Superfriends, and now comrades in arms on Overdose, these two have been through everything together. This one could easily go either way.


Get ready, because this is one of the most star-studded Day 2’s we’ve seen all year! Someone will leave here as a Shonen Jump Champion, and that duelist may even leave as a two-time or three-time Champ. Stay with us to find out who will triumph, right here, in Day 2 of Shonen Jump Championship Detroit!

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