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Doomkaiser Dragon
Card# CSOC-EN043

Doomkaiser Dragon's effect isn't just for Zombie World duelists: remember that its effect can swipe copies of Plaguespreader Zombie, too!
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The Favorites
Edgar Block

Even before the 40 minutes of the fifth round are over, most of the favorites are already out of the competition in this year’s National Championship. Adrian Madaj (known in the message boards as Swordsman_Deluxe), the number-one favorite here today, dropped in the third round after losing to two Cyber-Stein One-Turn KO decks.




Most of Berlin's top players show some promising results. Benny "Kuriboh der Noob" Hepper, Björn Christian "Angel_Keeper" Schulze, Björn Krause (again playing with his 53-card Burner deck), and Vittorio "_dark angel_" Wiktor are still undefeated. Several other players from the capital city have still some chances to reach the finals, standing at 4-1.





Jan "Daydreamer" Duda from Hamburg already lost his chance to reach the finals today, with 2 losses and 3 wins. Pablo "Pabloseidon" Dorau has to win all other games in the Swiss Rounds to reach the finals, after performing 4-1 so far.




Last year’s champion David "Goblinmeister" Kretschmer is also standing at 3-2, but he wants to continue in the tournament, even if he has no chance of defending his title. Matho "Maro" Müller, winner of last year’s Pharaoh Tour final, is undefeated so far, just like Vitali "-=Evangelion=-" Petrouchanski, who lost to Matho in the finals, but already won several Regional Championships this year.





Florian "Master1" Chitic, today playing for the "Franconian National Team" and "Team Royal," tells us about his wonderful girlfriend every day, but it looks like she’s affecting his tournament performance in a negative way. With two losses, he's also already out of competition for the Top 8.




Liu "Dr. Liu" Xilian from Frankfurt is performing strong, defeating Adrian Madaj in the second round and piloting his Cyber-Stein deck through the field. Both top players from Cologne, Soner "very dark paladin" Günger and Philipp "Bruder Philipp" Rautenbach already lost their chances to make a strong approach, with two and three losses respectively.


It looks like the predictions about an unknown player becoming Germany’s King of Games will become a reality, if the other favorites will be kicked out of the tournament as well. More and more players out of the starting 479 duelists have dropped in the last two rounds, after seeing no chance to reach the Top 8 and win the title.
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