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Doomkaiser Dragon
Card# CSOC-EN043

Doomkaiser Dragon's effect isn't just for Zombie World duelists: remember that its effect can swipe copies of Plaguespreader Zombie, too!
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Last Chance Regional 1 — Finals: Hersson Coto Portillo vs. Dominic Lacaille
Jason Grabher-Meyer

Thirty-two competitors had come down to a final pair — both of whom traveled here this weekend from Montreal. Dominic Lacaille is playing Six Samurai, while Hersson Coto Portillo is running Lightsworn. Each of these duelists had overcome Gladiator Beasts, Dark Armed Dragons, and Monarch decks to get here, so it was interesting to see two non-mainstream decks doing so well in this tournament.


One of these competitors would make it to the National Championship tomorrow, while the other would have to enter another Last Chance event to try his luck again. Who would move on? We were about to find out.


Game 1


Lacaille opened the match with The Six Samurai – Irou, then special summoned Grandmaster of the Six Samurai. He followed that up with Great Shogun Shien, set a spell or trap, and ended! Next turn Portillo activated Mystical Space Typhoon to destroy Lacaille’s face-down Enemy Controller, set a card to each zone, and ended. When Lacaille tried to enter the battle phase Portillo flipped Threatening Roar, leaving Lacaille to turn Great Shogun Shien to defense mode and set a card to each zone.


Portillo took a moment to read his opponent’s cards, then flip summoned Ryko, Lightsworn Hunter to destroy Lacaille’s face-down Reasoning. That let him send three cards to his graveyard, and he tributed Ryko for Celestia, Lightsworn Angel! He sent four more to the graveyard and targeted Irou and Great Shogun Shien for destruction with Celestia’s effect: Lacaille let Irou go, but protected Shien with Grandmaster.


Portillo summoned Judgment Dragon! He paid 1000 life points to destroy his own Celestia, the Shogun, and Lacaille’s set copy of The Six Samurai – Kamon, attacked for 3000 damage, then set one back row card. Portillo lost four cards, and Lacaille set a single monster next turn.


Card Trooper hit Portillo’s field, and one activation later Portillo was special summoning Wulf, Lightsworn Beast. There was nothing Lacaille could do, and he conceded immediately. His set cards had been Morphing Jar and Card Trooper.


Hersson Coto Portillo takes a decisive first duel! But Lacaille instantly began side decking, and had three Light-Imprisoning Mirror for this matchup. Would they be enough to shut Portillo down?


Game 2


Lacaille got Game 2 started with Reinforcement of the Army, searching his deck for The Six Samurai – Zanji. He special summoned Grandmaster, set three cards to his back row, and ended, a very strong opening. Portillo drew, waited for Lacaille to confirm that he didn’t have Trap Dustshoot, and then moved to main phase 1. He summoned Lyla, Lightsworn Sorceress, then used her effect with priority to destroy Lacaille’s Solemn Judgment. He set two cards to his back row, then sent Card Trooper, Necro Gardna, and Lumina, Lightsworn Summoner to the graveyard with Lyla’s effect.


Lacaille attacked Lyla with Zanji on the turn that followed, and then made a direct attack with Grandmaster before setting another spell or trap. Portillo summoned another Lyla, activated her effect with priority, and blew away Lacaille’s Dark Bribe (his most-recently set card). He ended, this time sending Beckoning Light, Solar Recharge, and Royal Decree to his graveyard.


Again, Zanji attacked Lyla to destroy her, and Grandmaster made a direct attack.  Portillo drew for his turn, counted his graveyard (only two different Lightsworn), and set a monster. Lacaille activated Monster Reborn, targeted his opponent’s Lyla, and special summoned her. He didn’t choose to activate her effect with priority, instead opting to attack with Zanji. Zanji smacked into Portillo’s set Ryko, Lightsworn Hunter, and Portillo opted to target Lyla with Ryko’s effect. He sent three cards off the top of his deck and again, couldn’t score a Lightsworn. He took 2100 damage from Grandmaster and Lacaille ended. Portillo would need to do something big to pull this one out.


He set a monster, set a third spell or trap, and ended. Lacaille tried to attack, but was rejected again by Threatening Roar. He set a third spell or trap card. “Your turn.”


Portillo was up. He flipped Mystical Space Typhoon to destroy one of Lacaille’s older cards, and Lacaille lost My Body as a Shield. Portillo then discarded Ehren, Lightsworn Monk for Monster Reincarnation, brought back Lyla, Lightsworn Sorceress, and summoned her to destroy Lacaille’s freshly-set Mirror Force. He then special summoned Judgment Dragon! He activated its effect, wiped the field, and then attacked for 3000 damage. He had nothing but Judgment Dragon left to Lacaille’s three in-hand cards.


Lacaille drew to four. He had Zanji, Grandmaster, Cyber Dragon, and Rivalry of Warlords. He set Rivalry, special summoned Cyber Dragon, normal summoned Zanji, and special summoned Grandmaster. When he attacked with Zanji, Portillo negated the attack with Necro Gardna! Lacaille was forced to pass.


He activated Rivalry of Warlords, losing his Cyber Dragon. Portillo attacked Zanji, Lacaille sent Grandmaster to the graveyard in Zanji’s stead, and Portillo set a monster to finish his turn. Lacaille set a monster and ended.


Portillo flip summoned Ryko, Lightsworn Hunter! He targeted Lacaille’s set spell or trap, and Lacaille chained it: Threatening Roar. Ryko was destroyed by Rivalry, and Portillo pitched three cards off the top of his deck. He set one spell or trap and ended, now dangerously low on cards. Lacaille set a monster and ended, knowing Portillo was too low on life points to pay for Judgment Dragon.


The Dragon attacked Zanji, and Portillo set another monster. Judgment Dragon ate four of the remaining five cards in Portillo’s deck. Lacaille set another spell or trap, ended, and next turn Portillo couldn’t do anything. He had Celestia in-hand, but couldn’t tribute for her due to Rivalry. There nothing Portillo could do to keep himself from decking.


Rivalry of Warlords wins Game 2 for Lacaille almost entirely on its own! The match, and this tournament, moves to a third and final duel!


Game 3


Portillo quickly opened with a set card to each zone, and Lacaille special summoned Cyber Dragon. He normal summoned Irou, and sent him to attack Portillo’s Ryko. Ryko destroyed Cyber Dragon, then sent Lyla, Lightsworn Sorceress, Threatening Roar, and Garoth, Lightsworn Warrior to the graveyard. Lacaille set two cards to his back row and flipped one of them on the following turn: Light-Imprisoning Mirror!


That left Portillo to set another spell or trap, and Lacaille summoned The Six Samurai – Yaichi next turn. Yaichi targeted Threatening Roar, Portillo chained it, and Lacaille set another spell or trap. Portillo activated Heavy Storm next turn, but Lacaille flipped Solemn Judgment! Twister was next, destroying Light-Imprisoning Mirror, and another Ryko destroyed Lacaille’s final back row card: My Body as a Shield. Beckoning Light, Honest, and Solar Recharge were sent from Portillo’s deck to the graveyard. He had two cards in hand and one card set in his spell and trap zone, to his opponent’s pair of Samurai and one card in hand.


He set another spell or trap, and then flipped Beckoning Light! He tossed his one in-hand card, Necro Gardna, and retrieved Garoth, Lightsworn Warrior. He flipped the Solar Recharge he’d just set, discarded Garoth, drew two, and sent Lumina, Lightsworn Summoner and Jain, Lightsworn Paladin to his graveyard.


Monster Reborn let him bring back Lumina, and he discarded Lyla for Lumina’s effect, bringing up Garoth! Garoth attacked over Irou, Yaichi was traded to keep Irou alive, and in the end phase Portillo sent away Judgment Dragon, Celestia, and Mystical Space Typhoon for Lumina’s effect, then Phantom of Chaos and another Celestia for Garoth’s. Sending Celestia to the graveyard for Garoth’s effect let him draw a card, and he passed to his opponent.


Lacaille set one card to his back row, summoned Spirit of the Six Samurai, then attached it to Irou. Irou attacked Lumina and Lacaille got to draw for the Spirit. He set his topdeck to his back row and flipped it in his opponent’s draw phase — Light-Imprisoning Mirror. Portillo set one card to his back row, turned Ryko to defense mode, and left Garoth in attack.


Lacaille summoned Yaichi, activated his effect, but walked right into Threatening Roar. He ended. Next turn Portillo tributed for Celestia, Lightsworn Angel. Her effect was negated by Light-Imprisoning Mirror, but Portillo wanted to attack Irou — he was denied by Threatening Roar, and play passed to Lacaille. The whole match could end at any second.


Irou attacked Garoth, and Lacaille drew with the Spirit. He was holding Grandmaster of the Six Samurai and Enishi, Shien’s Chancellor. Portillo summoned Card Trooper next turn, pumped it up for its effect, then special summoned Judgment Dragon! The Dragon attacked Irou to destroy Spirit of the Six Samurai. Irou remained on the field.


Celestia attacked Yaichi, and Card Trooper destroyed Irou. Portillo ended, out of cards. Lacaille drew to three, holding Enishi, Grandmaster, and Threatening Roar. Enishi’s effect couldn’t be used — Light-Imprisoning Mirror was still in effect, but Lacaille summoned Enishi to attack Card Trooper. Portillo drew for Trooper’s effect, Lacaille set Roar, and play was back to Portillo.


His attacks next turn were rebuked by Threatening Roar, and he passed with two cards in hand. Lacaille drew Premature Burial and he made the only move he could — he used Premature to bring back Spirit of the Six Samurai and summoned Grandmaster. He attached Spirit to Grandmaster, made a desperate attack into Celestia, and Portillo activated Honest!


Honest gave Celestia an additional 2600 ATK and Lacaille took more than double the amount of damage needed to knock him out of the game! A single bungled attack draws this tournament to a close, and Hersson Coto Portillo is moving on to the National Championships.

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