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Doomkaiser Dragon
Card# CSOC-EN043

Doomkaiser Dragon's effect isn't just for Zombie World duelists: remember that its effect can swipe copies of Plaguespreader Zombie, too!
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Anaheim Shonen Jump TCG Championship Series Tournament
Metagame Staff

It’s over, and Monarchs have squeaked out another victory over the most varied Top 8 field yet!


Hooman Farahbakhsh played one of only two Monarch decks that made Day 2, and was forced to compete in a quarterfinals mirror match against Justin Trias. Overcoming his opponent, he then moved on to oust Richard Haynes, who was fresh off the win over his long-time friend Kirk Leonhardt. Haynes would be the first of two Creature Swap decks that Farahbakhsh would face today.


In the finals, he’d have his second such match, this time against a Shonen Jump Champion. Fili Luna was the fan favorite for the win from the get-go this weekend, and his undefeated streak in the Swiss rounds set discussions ablaze across the globe. Heading into Day 2, he was the definite smart-money choice for victory, and after winning the first duel of the finals Luna seemed to have it in the bag. But Farahbakhsh fought his way back, battling through two grueling matches to chalk up another victory for Thestalos and Zaborg!


The fifteen year-old Team Magnum duelist hails from Las Vegas, and his win here is yet another finals upset, a trend that could definitely be termed a consistent pattern in this format. Our congratulations go out to all competitors in the Shonen Jump Championship this weekend, but a special congrats goes out to Hooman Farahbakhsh, your newest Shonen Jump Champion!

Quarterfinals Semifinals Finals Champion
Fili Luna
  Fili Luna
Tim Perry
  Fili Luna
Jose Suarez
  Theeresak Poonsombat
Theeresak Poonsombat
  Hooman Farahbakhsh
Justin Trias
  Hooman Farahbakhsh
Hooman Farahbakhsh
  Hooman Farahbakhsh
Richard Haynes
  Richard Haynes
Kirk Leonhardt


Day 2
Crowd favorite Fili Luna was up against relative unknown Hooman Farahbakhsh, a duelist who had actually considered scooping at one point yesterday!
I have to admit, this was a match I was looking forward to.
Haynes had just finished his match with long-time friend Kirk Leonhardt, and now he was up against the winner of the quarterfinals’ Monarch mirror match, Hooman.
Leonhardt plays for Team Enigma, while Haynes plays for two teams: Madness and Dynasty.
Who will emerge triumphant — Dark World, or the mad Machine?
Sadly, this time we didn’t have one single winner.
Day 1
Both of these duelists had 8-1 records, and were on the bubble for a Day 2 qualification.
This event has been full of tech cards intended to counter the current metagame.
The fact that there’s a chance that neither might ever see the light of day in our coverage is a travesty.
Seriously whoever is out there laying some kind of hex on my internet at these things, knock it off.
Paul Levitin and Jae Kim are two of the biggest stars here today, but now they were pitted against each other on the bubble.
Billy Ho is from Fremont in Northern California, and at 18 years of age he’s managed to secure a top spot here in round 6.
All right — another Shonen Jump, another Scrub Brush Challenge.
Usually I don’t profile decks early on that have a loss under their belts, but his deck is exactly what I look for.
While Overdose members Paul Levitin and Shane Scurry bet their lives in this tournament on Dark World, more members of Overdose are running something totally different.
It’s Stein and Darkworld—two of the metagame’s best strategic flavors—swirled into one delicious sundae of dominance!
Lance Leonhardt is the son of SJC Top 8 player Kirk Leonhardt, and a premier member of Team Enigma.
Dale Bellido’s deck has perhaps the most hype of any going into this event.
Both players are highly respected on the North American circuit, but both have something to prove to themselves here today.
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