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Doomkaiser Dragon
Card# CSOC-EN043

Doomkaiser Dragon's effect isn't just for Zombie World duelists: remember that its effect can swipe copies of Plaguespreader Zombie, too!
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Top 16: Cesar Gonzalez vs. Christian Acosta
Tomas Mijares

This is Cesar Gonzalez’s thirteenth day 2. He finished second in the standings and is playing the Teleport Dark Armed Dragon deck that he has piloted in a consistent run to yet another day 2.

Christian Acosta is 18 years old and from Fresno, California. He is playing Oppression Monarchs. Acosta can take control with his two Vanity’s Fiend and three Royal Oppression. He made his deck at 3 AM the night before day 1 and made his side deck only 5 minutes before the event even started. His friends were parading and cheering him on being happy that he chose last minute to come to Shonen Jump Championship San Francisco and his success.

If Acosta can pull out an upset here, it could be a major stepping stone for not only Oppression Monarchs, but for many decks and other duelists wanting to revive a blast from the past and bring it into the present.


Gonzalez rolled a 5 and Acosta rolled a 2, and Gonzalez started the match with a Destiny Draw discarding Destiny Hero - Malicious. He played another Destiny Draw and discarded Destiny Hero - Doom Lord. Gonzalez activated Allure of Darkness and removed Dark Grepher from play.


Acosta drew for his turn and activated Allure of Darkness. He removed Caius the Shadow Monarch for the effect and set Bottomless Trap Hole, Royal Oppression, Solemn Judgment, and two Dark Bribe! He was in good shape if he could draw some monsters. Gonzalez summoned Breaker the Magical Warrior and Acosta responded with Bottomless Trap Hole. Gonzalez flipped up Sangan and attacked for 1000 direct. Acosta drew and set Gravekeeper’s Guard and ended.

Gonzales removed Malicious and special summoned one in defense. Gonzalez normal summoned Elemental Hero Stratos and was met by a Solemn Judgment. Gonzalez activated an Emergency Teleport to special summon Krebons from his deck . . . he Synchro summoned only to be met with Royal Oppression! Gonzales chained Phoenix Wing Wind Blast and a Dark Bribe was chained to that to save the Oppression. Heavy Storm came down from Gonzalez hand and another Dark Bribe was chained to negate it. The life was at 8000 to 2700 with Gonzales leading.

Acosta activated Reckless Greed and drew Soul Exchange and Sangan. Acosta summoned Sangan. He attacked Gonzalez’s Sangan and Gonzalez searched for Snipe Hunter.

Gonzalez activated Mystical Space Typhoon on the Royal Oppression and Acosta now had no cards in his back row. Gonzalez special summoned Dark Armed Dragon and that was enough for Acosta to scoop up his cards and go to game 2.

Acosta didn’t get many monsters in the first game, not a Vanity’s Fiend in sight. Both players dove into the side with Gonzalez finishing up very quickly. There was no talk between the players and Acosta was very focused on side decking. Acosta opened up with Mask of Darkness, D.D Crow, Royal Oppression, Gravekeeper’s Spy, and another Oppression. He activated Allure of Darkness and drew Solemn Judgment and Dark Bribe, removing Mask of Darkness. He set Solemn Judgment, Dark Bribe, Royal Oppression, and Gravekeeper’s Spy.

Gonzalez started with a Reinforcement of the Army for a Destiny Hero - Diamond Dude, and summoned Elemental Hero Stratos to search for a Destiny Hero - Malicious. Allure of Darkness came down and removed the Diamond Dude from play. Stratos attacked into the face down Gravekeeper’s Spy and Acosta got another one. Gonzalez set 3 to his back row. Acosta was now up 8000 to 7800.

Acosta drew Allure of Darkness, set Oppression, and ended. Gonzalez flipped a face-down Allure of Darkness from the field and drew 2 and removed Destiny Hero -Malicious from play. Gonzalez normal summoned Dark Grepher with priority to discard Malicious and send a Doom Lord away. Malicious was removed from play and another Malicious came to the field in defense mode. An Emergency Teleport got Krebons and Royal Oppression was chained when Gonzalez tried to special summon Stardust Dragon. Mystical Space Typhoon was chained to that and another Royal Oppression was activated but he couldn’t pay for the other Oppression by ruling. Gonzalez special summoned Dark Armed Dragon, paid for Oppression, and tributed Stardust to negate the Oppression. D.D. Crow was discarded by Acosta to remove a Krebons from Gonzalez’s graveyard. Gonzalez removed Doom Lord to destroy Dark Bribe, and removed Malicious to destroy the back row card, which was Solemn Judgment. Dark Armed Dragon attacked Gravekeeper’s Spy and Stardust came back in the end phase. A blind Allure got Acosta Vanity’s Fiend and Dark Bribe. He removed the Vanity’s Fiend, showed his Dark Bribe, and conceded the match.

Cesar Gonzales is moving onto the Top 8!
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