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Doomkaiser Dragon
Card# CSOC-EN043

Doomkaiser Dragon's effect isn't just for Zombie World duelists: remember that its effect can swipe copies of Plaguespreader Zombie, too!
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Simon Says: Don’t Fear the Ring -
  I would like to talk about certain cards you can use to minimize or even nullify the devastating power of Ring of Destruction.

Simon Says: The Elemental Hero Neos Card Battle Group -
  So what’s the most efficient way of getting Elemental Hero Neos out there to start doing damage to your opponent’s life points?

Simon Says: Trapped and Locked Down -
  Some cards out there can limit a player’s actions, allowing the player who uses them achieve his or her winning strategy while the opponent is completely bogged down and helpless.

Simon Says: Aliens Attack! -
  Today I would like to discuss the alien theme further by highlighting some other cards from this set that I didn’t cover in my initial preview.

Simon Says: Prehistoric Power -
  Dinosaurs are the last word in huge, angry, hungry behemoths.

Simon Says: Rampaging ‘Roids -
  No article about ‘roids would be complete without mentioning the menace that is Super Vehicroid Jumbo Drill.

Simon Says: Annoy For Advantage -
  This week, we will be looking at cards that can help you maintain control of a duel by restricting the moves your opponent can make.

Power of the Duelist Preview: The Aliens, Part Two -
  This week, we’re going to examine two other Alien-esque cards and how they can manipulate those A-Counters you have in play to achieve some cool tricks that are sure to annoy your opponent.

Power of the Duelist Preview: The Aliens, Part One -
  I can tell you now that the aliens in this set are not friendly green men from Mars.

Simon Says: Knowledge Is Power -
  Today, we’re going to take a look at some cards whose abilities use that time-tested motto, “Knowledge is half the battle.”

Simon Says: Phase-Skipping Monsters -
  After playing the Yu-Gi-Oh! TCG for a while, one tends to take for granted the actions we’re allowed to make during our turn.

Simon Says: I Like to Summon Recklessly, in an Inferno -
  As I examined this card, I realized how much fun it could be, and I began to think of all the other cards that would have great synergy with it.

Simon Says: Examining the Double Tributers -
  There are some awesome monsters out there that, while they might require double tributes, nonetheless possess some very cool effects. The trick is to get them out on to the field in an efficient manner.

Simon Says: Zap Them for the Win! -
  For the player who loves the beatdown style of play, getting a monster to attack is usually a good thing. Of course, getting a monster to attack twice in one turn is even better.

Agents of Judgment: Head Judging (And How I Changed My Views On It) -
  Let me give you a complete perspective and start from the very beginning to explain how my whole view on head judging was changed.

Simon Says: No More Nasty Tricks! -
  We’ve all lost duels because of card effects that our opponents played on us at critical moments.

Agents of Judgment: Questions That Drive Judges Crazy! (Part Two) -
  This time, while discussing in-game questions, I’m also going to bring up tournament issues that most judges are tired of being asked about.

Simon Says: Dice Rolls and Coin Flips -
  In any TCG, there’s always an element of chance or luck that can alter the momentum of a game and give a player an advantage that he or she didn’t have before. Yu-Gi-Oh! is no exception.

Flaming Eternity: Card #015 -
  When you’re at the Flaming Eternity Sneak Preview, and you’re waiting for the judge’s signal to crack open your packs for the tournament, be sure that you don’t disregard Number 15 just because it’s a common card.

Flaming Eternity Preview: Number 042 -
  In decks that usually rely on a lockdown strategy (such as Burn and Exodia), card “Number 42” is a welcome addition to the lockdown duelist’s impressive arsenal.

Agents of Judgment: Questions That Drive Judges Crazy! (Part One) -
  Judges should look at a question as an opportunity to educate a player about how the cards and the game work.

Simon Says: Bouncing Effects -
  Bouncing effects can give you the opening you need while making sure your opponent has nothing in the graveyard to rely on for monster recursion and special summoning.

A Judge’s Perspective: Mistakes Happen -
  I’m bringing these rulings up to highlight the fact that judges are human and humans make mistakes.

Simon Says: Tide-Turning Traps in the Advanced Format -
  Duelists have fewer options for spell and trap removal in the Advanced Format, so carefully choosing and combining traps in your deck can give you a big advantage.

A Judge's Perspective: Theft and Problem Players- Part Two -
  The best thing to do in this situation is to calmly assert your authority and tell the player that your ruling is not up for debate, especially if you’re the head judge.

A Judge's Perspective: Theft and Problem Players- Part One -
  Judging Yu-Gi-Oh! tournaments can be a satisfying and rewarding experience.

Judging: Why and How -
  The first and most critical step in becoming a judge is the desire to actually be one. That desire directly ties in with your motivations. In short, why do you want to be a judge?

Rise of Destiny Sneak Preview: Things to Do When You’re There -
  You have to admit that you’re pretty excited that the Sneak Preview for Rise of Destiny is right around the corner.

Rise of Destiny Preview: Silent Swordsman LV3 -
  With Silent Swordsman in play, your opponents’ Change of Heart and Snatch Steal are practically dead cards.

Rise of Destiny Preview: Card #60 -
  Number 60 excels at giving that tiny extra boost of ATK power, usually to the dismay of the opponent.

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