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Doomkaiser Dragon
Card# CSOC-EN043

Doomkaiser Dragon's effect isn't just for Zombie World duelists: remember that its effect can swipe copies of Plaguespreader Zombie, too!
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Detroit Shonen Jump TCG Championship Series Tournament
Metagame Staff

It’s over, and in a surprising twist of events two-time Day 2 competitor Steven Harris is now a two-time Shonen Jump Champion! His deck of choice? Teleport Dark Armed Dragon, teched with Psychic Commander for Black Rose Dragon!


Harris started his day off in a Top 16 feature match against Rob Cedar, Day 2’s only Lightsworn duelist. In post-match commentary Cedar described the paralyzing effect that Black Rose Dragon had on his strategy: “I couldn’t commit to the field, because if I did he’d bring out the Dragon.” That well-justified fear meant Cedar’s Lightsworn couldn’t swarm the table, and Harris took full advantage.


Next, he played two back-to-back TeleDAD mirror matches against newcomer Josh Coleman and Canadian National Champion Lazaro Bellido. After dropping Game 1 to Lazaro, Harris fought back and scored two consecutive victories, each win owed to Black Rose Dragon and its ability to eliminate Colossal Fighter.


Finally Harris took on Calvin Tsang, the former Canadian Champion. Tsang all but vanished from high-level competition these past couple of years, but made his return this weekend with a surprising TeleDAD variant packing three Destiny Hero - Diamond Dude, Threatening Roar, Reckless Greed, Dark Eruption, Prometheus, and many more creative picks. It was a knockdown drag-out slobber-knocker in the finals, but at the end of the 2-1 war Tsang extended the hand: Harris was the victor.


Steven Harris’s two Shonen Jump titles are unprecedented. Though there are other two-time Champions, Harris is unique because he’s only played in a handful of Jumps before, and has won both times he made the Top 16 cut. Our congratulations go out to everyone who competed here at Shonen Jump Championship Detroit, but special accolades are reserved for Steven Harris, your new two-time Shonen Jump Champ!

Quarterfinals Semifinals Finals Champion
Dale Bellido
  Calvin Tsang
Calvin Tsang
  Calvin Tsang
Alex Simpson
  Alex Simpson
Matthew Slawvey
  Steven Harris
Steven Harris
  Steven Harris
Joshua Coleman
  Steven Harris
Cesar Gonzalez
  Lazaro Bellido
Lazaro Bellido
Day 2
It all came down to this: Steven Harris’ TeleDAD deck teched with Psychic Commander for Black Rose Dragon, versus Calvin Tsang’s DDT-inspired variant.
Lazaro is the reigning Canadian Champion and has topped more Shonen Jumps than he can count, but that’s all in the past. All that matters now is this match — both of these duelists are gunning for yet another title.
This match pitted Dale’s TeleDAD build against Tsang’s innovative “Irwin Dot Deck,” a Diamond Dude Turbo-inspired TeleDAD variant. Should be good!
Gadgets haven’t made Top 16 since Jordan Nasser’s Day 2 at SJC Orlando. Kohl is actually playing Nasser’s deck here today. Now, he had to face the most consistent competitor in this tournament.
Today we’ll see twelve TeleDAD decks go head-to-head against Lightsworn, Gadgets, Gladiator Beasts, and a Diamond Dude Turbo-inspired strategy packed with spell tech.
Day 1
It’s over, and a field of more than 300 duelists has come down to just sixteen.
Manuel Gonzalez traveled here today from Windsor, Ontario to compete, and holds a 7-1 record in this tournament with Gladiator Beasts! His opponent is Antonio Ramos, another Canadian player from Brampton, Ontario.
You may remember Samuel Tse from his impressive showing at this past year’s Canadian National Championships. If you don’t, well, I’m sure you’re familiar with Matt Peddle!
When Jerome McHale first made Day 2 at Shonen Jump St. Louis, he defeated Dale Bellido on the bubble, claiming victory with Counter Fairies against Lightsworn. Now he was paired up against the undefeated Bellido brother yet again.
Eddie Goodlander is playing a heatedly debated build of Gladiator Beasts here today — a deck with no Test Tiger or Elemental Heroes, packed with removal like Hammer Shot and Compulsory Evacuation Device.
For a deck theme that was received largely with skepticism, Plants have seen a tremendous amount of testing in drastically different configurations over the past few weeks.
While Cesar was undefeated, Kim had taken one loss, and had been paired up. He was fighting for his life in this tournament.
Tsang’s deck, which he owes in part to Toronto duelist Ervin So, is largely based off the Diamond Dude Turbo strategies of old.
Levi Yoder is 2-1 here in Round 4, but since we’re profiling all the other winners in feature matches so far here today, we might as well look at Yoder’s Zombie Lightsworn build too.
Both of these decks were highly innovative — this was anybody’s game.
You might remember Levi Yoder from his finals appearance at Shonen Jump Championship Durham, where he competed for the title in a Zombie mirror match. He’s back today with Lightsworn Zombies.
What a huge Round 1 here in Detroit!
There have been seventeen Shonen Jump Championship tournaments this year, and as 2008 draws to a close North America’s greatest duelists convene one more time, right here at the Cobo Exhibition Center in Detroit!
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