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Doomkaiser Dragon
Card# CSOC-EN043

Doomkaiser Dragon's effect isn't just for Zombie World duelists: remember that its effect can swipe copies of Plaguespreader Zombie, too!
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Orlando Shonen Jump TCG Championship Series Tournament
Metagame Staff

The Orlando Shonen Jump Championship has come and gone, and what a day it was! Innovative tech like Return from the Different Dimension, A Hero Emerges, and Widespread Ruin ran rampant here today. Team Comic Odyssey won the side event Cyber-Stein and placed one member in the Top 8. And Andrew Ferdeloa squared off with John Jansen in an intense, lightning-fast finals round that won him the title of Shonen Jump Champion!


Despite this being the last hurrah of the current Advanced format, players were clearly looking ahead, developing new strategies, tactics, and tricks even this close to the format change. Congratulations go out to all the competitors in Orlando, and special congrats to Andrew Ferdeloa, the latest Shonen Jump Champion!


Check out the decklists from the Top 8 here!
“I can’t believe I’m doing this!” exclaimed Ferdeloa.
Ferdeloa is from Boca Raton, FL, and he’s a high school freshman. Savage is from New Orleans, LA, and he’d like all the ladies to know he’s available. “And I play Yu-Gi-Oh!” he yelled with a self-deprecating grin.
John Jansen and Matt Zaabadick are both well-renowned duelists in the South Florida region.
Turns out that Brian Camareno, who I will now dub “Smilin’ Brian,” is the cheeriest guy in all of Yu-Gi-Oh! play.
Round 7 saw eight Chaos variants square off at the top four tables.
Team Comic Odyssey fell just short of their goal to fill the entire Top 4 with players from their own ranks. Occupying the top three spaces . . .
The new Limited list has taken a big bite out of the hopes and dreams of Machine players . . .
Like the Cost Down decks of old, Scapegoat decks don’t rely entirely on Scapegoats for their survival. The key combo is the use of Scapegoat tokens to fuel Metamorphosis and Monster Gate . . .
Some duelists aren’t aware that at many of the Shonen Jump Championships, there are actually two Cyber-Steins up for grabs. While one is awarded to the first-place finisher in the main event, a second Cyber-Stein is sometimes available through side events!
As always, I had to ask the million dollar question. What did Luc think the chances were of Comic Odyssey taking both Cyber-Steins?
367 of Florida’s finest duelists braved the pouring rain to attend Orlando’s first Shonen Jump Championship.
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