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Doomkaiser Dragon
Card# CSOC-EN043

Doomkaiser Dragon's effect isn't just for Zombie World duelists: remember that its effect can swipe copies of Plaguespreader Zombie, too!
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Round 5: Kris Perovic vs. Jesus Suarez
Jerome McHale

I’ve got an awful feeling that most of you don’t know who Jesus Suarez is. It’s a shame too, as he has four SJC Day 2’s and has somehow managed to not play in even one feature match. Well, it’s about time to fix that, and what better way to do it than with a match against the newly unretired Kris Perovic. Kris didn’t even buy his plane ticket until 45 minutes before the plane was scheduled to leave, and yet here he is, undefeated after four rounds with a Diamond Dude Turbo deck. Jesus on the other hand is playing the popular Dark Armed Dragon deck. This match is going to be all about speed! Before they started, Kris had this to offer. “I want to thank John Williams and everyone else who helped me get here.” After briefly thinking he might win a die roll for once, Kris rolled a one to Jesus’ two, and Jesus started the match.


Jesus came out swinging with Destiny Draw pitching Destiny Hero - Disk Commander to draw two. Armageddon Knight came down next sending Destiny Hero – Dasher to the graveyard, and the Knight was backed up by a set spell or trap. Play passed back to Kris who activated E – Emergency Call to fetch Elemental Hero Stratos from the deck. He summoned him and searched out Destiny Hero – Diamond Dude before stopping to think for a moment about his next play. Attacking the Knight would put a 3rd Dark into Jesus’ graveyard, so instead he tributed Stratos to Monster Gate, dumping a Divine Sword – Phoenix Blade in the process and summoning Destiny Hero – Dasher. Allure of Darkness came down next and Diamond Dude was removed from play before Kris played Destiny Draw pitching another Diamond Dude. Kris was tearing through his deck, and he dropped Reasoning next! Jesus looked through the graveyard carefully before calling eight, and Kris started flipping cards. He hit Plasma and Heavy Storm before revealing Dark Magician of Chaos! Jesus was right, and the Magician went to the graveyard.


He wasn’t there for long though as Monster Reborn brought him right back to the field! The effect of Dark Magician of Chaos returned Monster Reborn to his hand, and he played it again, this time targeting Elemental Hero Stratos. Stratos returned and destroyed Mirror Force, and Kris tributed Dark Magician of Chaos to pump Dasher. He then removed Diamond Dude and Plasma to return the Phoenix Blade to his hand and activated Dimension Fusion to bring back all his removed from play monsters giving him a combined ATK total of 10500 on the field! Jesus scooped up his cards and dove straight for the copies of Macro Cosmos in his side deck. Kris Perovic takes game 1 in just a single turn!


Jesus was up first again in game 2, and he started off with a set monster and two spell or trap cards. He revealed one of them, Trap Dustshoot, during Kris’ draw phase, revealing Plasma, Dasher, Diamond Dude, Dark Magician of Chaos, Destiny Draw, and E – Emergency Call. Diamond Dude was sent back to the deck, and Kris activated Emergency Call to fetch Stratos. He summoned Stratos and searched the Diamond Dude back out of his deck before activating Destiny Draw, pitching Dasher. Jesus chained with Macro Cosmos, but it couldn’t stop Dasher from hitting the yard. Kris followed up with Allure of Darkness removing Dark Magician of Chaos from play and then Reinforcement of the Army fetching another copy of Diamond Dude. He attacked into Morphing Jar and both players’ hands were removed from play. Kris had just dropped a lot of fat monsters out of play and received a shiny new hand in return while Jesus dropped mostly dead cards in favor of 5 new ones. Kris had already used his battle phase for the turn, and he equipped his Stratos with Divine Sword – Phoenix Blade before passing.


Jesus was up, and he used Allure of Darkness to draw two and remove Dark Magician of Chaos from play. He followed that with Destiny Draw pitching Fear Monger to draw another two and another Allure of Darkness to draw two more! Jinzo was removed from play and Destiny Draw with Dasher followed it up! Armageddon Knight came down next and sent Darklord Zerato out of play, and Jesus set a spell or trap before passing. It was a huge turn for Jesus, and Kris started counting up his outs. “So I have one turn to draw the one card . . . well, two cards . . . well, three cards. One turn to draw one of the 3 cards.”


Kris asked for a hand count followed by a deck count. He had 22 cards left in the deck, and he activated Monster Gate tributing his Stratos. He flopped Jinzo on to the field after losing 13 other cards in the process including Dimension Fusion. Fusion went to the graveyard instead of out of play thanks to Jinzo, and Kris lamented the fact that he had lost both copies of Magical Stone Excavation as well!  After an appeal to the head judge regarding the proper outcome of the play, it was ruled that in fact the cards do go to the graveyard, and play continued. Kris was visibly saddened by his lack of Dimension Fusion, and he attacked the Armageddon Knight before ending his turn. Jesus played his third Destiny Draw pitching Disk Commander and drew into Snipe Hunter! Snipe pitched his third Dark into the graveyard destroying Jinzo and allowing him to summon Dark Armed Dragon and flip Return from the Different Dimension to take the game! Both players sided for game 3, and, sure enough, Kris elected to go first!


Kris started off with Reinforcement of the Army to fetch Elemental Hero Stratos. Stratos was summoned and brought Destiny Hero – Diamond Dude to Kris’ hand. He promptly pitched it to Destiny Draw and drew two cards before activating another Destiny Draw pitching yet another Diamond Dude. Kris passed with no further plays, and Jesus set a spell or trap card before passing. Jesus was in trouble from the looks of things, and Kris studied his hand carefully to find the best way of taking advantage of this. He tributed Stratos for Jinzo and activated Monster Reborn targeting his Stratos. Stratos returned to the field and let Kris search out Destiny Hero – Plasma. Plasmas was pitched along with E – Emergency Call to activate Magical Stone Excavation returning Monster Reborn to Kris’ hand. Dark Armed Dragon came down next and blew away Jesus’ set Macro Cosmos before he activated Monster Reborn once again to revive Diamond Dude and take the game! Kris Perovic defeats Jesus Suarez in a stunning display of the effectiveness of Diamond Dude Turbo!

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