Why I Voted for Trump

I know this post probably won’t affect the election. It may not even swing a single vote. But I have a lot of young, liberal friends who strongly dislike Trump and are genuinely curious why I voted for him. My first reaction was to explain myself, but after writing this out and thinking a lot about what the country will look like after tomorrow, I realized all I really hope to do here is disarm some of the hostility that’s come to define this election.

Top 64 Pokémon Regional Report


I started playing the Pokémon TCG about a month ago because I was bored with Pokémon GO and had heard about the regional coming to Orlando, where I live. I’m no stranger to TCGs so I spent a couple of days on YouTube and PTCGO trying to get a sense of what the metagame looked like over the last two years, what cards people used, what cards were available to me, and what people thought was going to be good in the new standard format.

Goat Format War League Report

Well, it’s over. It’s finally over. That’s right, the epic summer 2014 Goat Format War League officially ended on January 1, 2015 when Mostly Harmless took down The Academy in the final crossfire war of the tournament. As you probably know, the League pitted ten teams against each other and forced the two teams with the best records to face off in a final showdown. More details about the tournament – including the structure, participants, and rules – can be found here. In the end, I went 21-1 and there’s a lot to say about it, so here’s my report.